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Listening to Spirit | Saturday, Nov. 11, 2023

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Pueblo Divine Science Church Annex
305 Broadway Ave
Pueblo CO 81004


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Listening to Spirit: PART 3: Live in Divine Light

Date & Time

Sat. November 11, 2023 •  10 am - 3 pm  


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Regular registration is $144.


Current price is  $125.

Build Your Meditation Practice

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Bring Kundalini Techniques into Daily Life

This 1-day intensive workshop with mediation master Sonya Shannon opens the path for your daily personal practice at home. You’ll learn techniques to overcome blocks and maintain a joyful outlook in life.


rong>Benefits of this Workshop

  1. Discover the Keys to a Home Altar
  2. Learn to Open and Close Your Meditation
  3. Send Divine Healing to Others
  4. Free Yourself of Old Resentments
  5. Draw Success to Yourself

Transformation Oracle
"The Listening to God meditation workshop was outstanding, amazing as it covered extensive "Breath Work" techniques, "Basics with Chakras", fundamentals of "Mudras" developing a "Meditation Practice" to move forward with in my daily life, and touching briefly on "The Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness" (an amazing workshop I've also taken). Skills learned were life changing for me around meditation and beliefs of I couldn't vs. I can, how to curb depression with meditation, and how to invoke protection with deep meditation practice. The really exciting and fun was learning to create your mediation area and Sacred Altar. Sonya Shannon is a tremendous, caring, spiritual warrior, healer, mentor, and an Angel of Divine Light."
Transformation Oracle
"The Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness is one of my life's most significant educational experiences. If you want to establish a strong connection with your soul's purpose and build a devoted meditation practice, I would highly recommend taking this weekend workshop."
Transformation Oracle
"Sonya Shannon’s class, 'Listening to God ' was Amazing! and filled with Love, Light and Beautiful, Blessed Energy! It opened me up to a whole new world and practice of Yoga and Meditation!"
Transformation Oracle
"I gained a ton of knowledge in this workshop. I loved being shown each meditation. I feel more empowered. I feel more clear. I feel thankful! I feel expanded. Everything was excellent!"
Transformation Oracle
"Loved it. I enjoyed the arm dancing and the variety of things taught. Well put together and presented. I recommend this workshop for anyone wanting to get in a closer walk with God."
Transformation Oracle
"The meditation workshop brought me many transformations and calm in the midst of the storm. Loved the music and the instructor. A perfect balance of practice and theory. The whole community could benefit from this class. It's time to share the knowledge and heal."
Transformation Oracle
"The meditation weekend workshop taught me how to go deeper. I loved all of the weekend. I felt deeper love within me. I loved the music! The activities were awesome. Great oral presentation, with every part covered well and deeply."

Praise for this Workshop

Transformation Oracle
"This workshop helped me release a very old pattern and restore my hope. I could see how my higher self or spirit self was and is connected, and I could see me becoming One. The course notes in my opinion are wonderful. So much was given and I am sure, with these notes, I will be able to go back and remember, and practice again and again. I also love having the definitions to remember as well. Thank you!"
Transformation Oracle
"I L.O.V.E.D. the prayer walk - such calmness and energy. The meditation to focus the mind touched me very deeply, especially when we would come to 'Death'—very moving. This workshop gave me new and beautiful ways to connect with the Divine. Sonya created a very relaxing, peaceful, sacred environment. I recommend this class for grieving persons—I was finally able to release my loved one."
Transformation Oracle
"The music was wonderful...very relaxing. I enjoyed the personal stories that Sonya shared. So grateful to have the notebook of course information. Helpful to revisit the notes to refresh our memory of the class. Loved this workshop - everyone would benefit from taking it."
Transformation Oracle
"I felt such a powerful feeling connection to myself and my Higher Power (GOD). The 'Listening' workshop gave me a better understanding of meditation and the different techniques of breath work, mudras, postures and eye focus. I really enjoyed how you explained the whole process of meditation. It opened my heart, mind, and soul. The music and incense prepared me for the journey. I recommend this workshop to everyone. I think the benefits would help everyone. Sonya's teaching brought me closer to my inner self."
Transformation Oracle
"The teaching on the Ten Bodies was very beneficial and opened up awareness of an issue I have dealt with for a long time. God gave me a revelation and through Sonya's teaching, a way to begin to heal and transform. I thought the entire presentation was done very well. It walked us through teaching we had never heard and was very helpful. The book, music, and activities were put together to be easily understood, and Sonya did an amazing job of presenting it all in love with a sweet and joyful spirit."
Transformation Oracle
"Loved the music. The notebook is chalk-full of information that I can go to and review. Really informative presentation. I really liked the activity of drawing and then tearing it up and giving it to God. I recommend this workshop for stressed-out folks, and folks that struggle with the 'emptying of the mind' kind of meditation. I was impressed with the definitions of the words and the proper pronunciation."
Transformation Oracle
"I LOVED it! All...was OVER THE TOP! I would return again. Every moment as I listened to Sonya's instruction including the guided meditations, I can only equate to the sound of a sweet violin."
Transformation Oracle
"I liked that everything was very practical. There were things to do. It felt like a field trip. I loved that the music playlist was included! Very well organized. I liked the practical angle and think anyone would benefit from taking this class."
Transformation Oracle
"I gained tools to use for my gift of worship. I worked to gain control of my mind: it is hard to meditate for me as I have problems with 'squirrels' lol! I liked it all. Thank you so much!"
Transformation Oracle
"I gained awareness, openness, deep compassion, connection, hope, love, truth and humility from this workshop. It was beautifully created and organized, balanced and well coordinated, calming and invigorating. I recommend this class for anyone seeking deeper meaning in life, or looking for a variety of meditation techniques and depth of experiences."

Download the FLYER (includes course schedule).