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Ascent card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle

9 – Air
Guide Book – page 9 and 52
Artwork – “Above the Jealous Mouths”

Rise up! Take the higher ground.
Let your opponents fall below.

This card is medicine if you find your mind replaying negative interactions with others: family members, co-workers, “friends.” Every one of us is capable of bad behavior on occasion. We’ve all been nasty, judgmental, scornful, childish. We want the last word, the snappy retort that stings the other person as much as—or more than—they injured us.

Yet, when we stoop (even in our thoughts) to the same ugly behavior that hurt or offended us, we are no different than the nay-sayers and name callers. If you drew this card, whoever behaved badly towards you is stuck in the darkness of mean temper, fear, and lack of love. The saying “Just like me” reminds us that, at our worst, we are no better than others. By having compassion for yourself at your lowest, you can rise above another’s rotten moment (or lifetime!) and remain serene.

Reversed Meaning

If this card is upside-down in your spread, you may be stuck in mental obsession. Ask the Universe to erase your “internal tape” of anger, hurt or disgust over others’ actions or inactions. Or, replace the negative thoughts with an affirmation, such as a short prayer or positive statement like, “I am a beautiful child of the Universe, full of peace and generosity. I will not waste the beauty of this day on another negative thought!” Then pull another card or contemplate the other cards in your reading for positive guidance.

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