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2019 Workshop Schedule

Author Sonya Shannon


May 4-5 • 2019 - DENVER
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$220 after April 7, 2019

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Check Out These Sample Readings

After A Divorce
Overcoming Childhood Abuse
Looking For Love
Raising a Teen
Recovering From Job Loss
Recovering From Surgery
Surviving Bullying

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Learn the Chakra Spread

This spread is taught in Workshop III: Master Advanced Spreads & Techniques.

Sample Readings
Balanced Element Balancing Spread

After a Divorce

Element Balancing Spread This spread was done for a woman who recently divorced her spouse. At a glance, notice that all four elements are present. Though divorce is a major life stress, this woman has a healthy balance of energy distributed between Body/Earth (DESCENT), Mind/Air (WISDOM), Spirit or Action/Fire (LIBERATION), and Heart/Water (PRAYER). When all [...]

Jason Antalek Chakra Reading

An Accident, A Court Case, And Resolution

by Jason Antalek, Akashaman Chakra Spread This seeker’s intention for this Chakra spread was to better understand her role in an active court case. Having suffered from a hit and run as a pedestrian, there was impact in all parts of her life. Along with several bumps, bruises, and a broken rib, she received a [...]

Chakra Spread with the Transformation Oracle

Freedom From Limited Beliefs

by Jeanette Peasley Chakra Spread The seeker is a 57 year old woman who wanted the reading to see if she is on the right path of change in her life. She is going through many changes of thought patterns and beliefs within her marriage; her spirituality; and who she is as a woman. The [...]

Michelle Whitehead's Levels of being Spread

From Army to Spirituality

by Michelle Whitehead, Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Levels of Being Spread This Levels of Being Spread was for a man in his early 30’s. He is a strong young man who stands firm on his beliefs and willingness to be open minded to new things. This young man was interested in seeking Spirit’s outlook on [...]

Element Balancing Spread with the Transformation Oracle

Leaving Home

by Sandy Schneider, Empowering Choices Element Balancing Spread This spread was done for a teen attending college, working and now getting her own apartment with her best friend in June or July 2016. The phases of transformation are very apparent, since in the morning her element balancing reading was three air cards and one water [...]

Julie Stevens Element Balancing Spread

Leaving Mom to Live With Dad

by Julie Stevens Element Balancing Spread JB is a 16 year old male from a split family. He was considering leaving his mom and moving in with his dad, who lives in another state. His Element Balancing Spread was balanced with the four elements. Quite a state of being at such a young age! Although [...]

Unbalanced Element Balancing Spread

Looking for Love

Element Balancing Spread This reading is for a middle-aged man who has been unable to find a life partner, or even get past a couple of dates—despite being on internet dating sites for many years. His mother passed away two years earlier. It’s obvious this spread is imbalanced, due to all of the cards being [...]

Cheryl Mlcoch Chakra Spread

Overcoming Childhood Abuse

by Cheryl Mlcoch, The Wounded Healer Chakra Spread This reading was done for a 23-year-old female who was desiring to know what progress she has made as well as what challenges remain during her healing process of childhood sexual abuse. Her step-father was sentenced to prison over a year ago for the crime. She loves [...]

Element Balancing Spread showing Focus

Raising a Teen

Element Balancing Spread This reading is for the mother of an adolescent girl. Her daughter’s seemingly “overnight” change from sweet child to rebellious teen left the mother angry, hurt and confounded. An initial impression of this spread is that it is completely focused on the mother’s spiritual growth, due to the three Fire cards (RENOVATION, [...]

Jason Antalek Element Balancing Spread

Rebalancing After A Move

by Jason Antalek, Akashaman Element Balancing Spread The seeker that received this Element Balancing Reading is an ongoing client from my Akashic Record Reading practice. A single woman in her early twenties, she is exploring her way in the world. Having recently moved to Denver to find work as a waitress, the seeker’s options for [...]

Element Balancing Spread showing Emphasis

Recovering from Job Loss

Element Balancing Spread This reading was for a woman who, mid-career, lost her job due to a merger. She had been “comfortable” but not particularly challenged by the job. She had been with the company a long time, even though her position was below the level of her actual abilities. An initial impression of this [...]

Element Balancing Spread with the Transformation Oracle

Recovering from Surgery

Element Balancing Spread This reading was done after a surgery, to see how to rebalance and move forward. A first scan of the spread shows good news! The card elements are fairly balanced: one Fire card (EMERGENCE), one Water card (CELEBRATION) and two Air cards (WISDOM & INTEGRATION) appear in the spread. One Air card [...]

Element Balancing Spread by Cheryl Mlcoch

Surviving Bullying

by Cheryl Mlcoch, The Wounded Healer Element Balancing Spread This reading was done for a 13-year-old male who was desiring to know if he was more balanced in his life at this point after having a couple of years of struggle in middle school. My Reading / Interpretation At first glance, I see all four [...]