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About the Transformation Oracle

Transformation Oracle Poster

What is the Transformation Oracle?

The Transformation Oracle is a channeled set of divination cards by artist and author Sonya Shannon. It is designed to help people navigate through life’s difficulties, to encourage us to look deeply and honestly at ourselves, and to help us rise to the challenge of transforming ourselves in order to reach our fullest potential as “spiritual beings having a human experience.”

Eternal Wisdom of The Oracle

This oracle is based on the eternal wisdom of the four elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water. These elements are fundamental forces at work in our world. They relate directly to body, heart, mind and spirit. Because of their ancient truth and the simplicity of the elements, the Transformation Oracle gives readers a quick x-ray into the big questions in life, such as:
  “Am I on the path toward my destiny?”
  “Is this relationship The One?”
  “How can I have more happiness in my life?”
…and so on.

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For Beginners

If you are new to divination cards, you will find this deck highly intuitive because the pictures on each of the 44 cards give lots of information at a glance. There are only four suits (Earth, Air, Water, and Fire), and they relate to ideas you already know concerning Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit. The 68-page guide book is full of practical advice. You will quickly be able to draw upon your own life experience to do meaningful, accurate readings.

For Experienced Readers

If you are a seasoned Reader, this must-have deck will extend your collection particularly in the areas of personal growth and life’s transformational experiences. You’ll quickly be up to speed with the color-coded suits. You’ll draw deeply from your wealth of experience because the Transformation Oracle invokes astrology, psychological archetypes, and universal symbols. The Transformation Oracle is not just another deck, but a unique and genuine asset to your psychic healing tools.


Reading a Transformation Oracle Card

Praise for the Transformation Oracle

Transformation Oracle
"The Transformation Oracle is the most beautiful, intriguing and inspiring source of support and guidance for anyone's journey. I felt the magic and mystic power the minute I opened the box! I love that the spreads and perspectives to ponder are endless. It's a lifetime of love and loveliness for my soul!"

The cards are simple to use. The artwork and messages serve as a portal to the metaphysical world, giving us access to spirit guides, angelic beings, and divine energies.

Transformation Oracle
"As a Native American, Anishinaabeg, the use of the four elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air correlates to my own sense of spirituality, especially the Medicine Wheel. It is a deck that speaks the truth to me. It is a barometer of your own spiritual growth, gently moving you to new heights and brighter lights. I am shown where I am not in balance on my own spiritual journey, and the deck shows me, very clearly what my clients need to know. It is very empowering for both the reader and the client!"
Transformation Oracle
"In the guide book for the Connection card, where it says, "Thank you for this love," what a statement! It is easy to forget the magic, but your painting brings it all back."