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Assignment #4 • Original Research

The final assignment to become a Certified Transformation Oracle Reader is original, documented research. This assignment involves selecting a topic that expands upon your professional work, life experience, or passionate interests.

The research involves in-depth interpretations of symbols and their meanings within the Transformation Oracle divination card deck, as well as tools, spreads, and approaches to reading cards. Examples include exploring a single card, single element, single symbol, or single theme; creating a tool or demonstrating a technique to help other Readers; inventing a new spread that expands upon the Transformation Oracle; exploring a metaphysical idea expressed through the Transformation Oracle in a manner that leads to deeper understanding.

It’s important to run your idea(s) for original research by Sonya Shannon. Start by checking out what others have done.

Delve into your own areas of expertise and life skills to find a topic that sets you on fire. Think of your original research as a sort of “mini thesis” required to complete your Certification.

Your research doesn’t have to be long or extensive. It must be documented by reference to books, articles, or credible web sites. Your submission must also be useful to other Readers, in order to pass the Certification requirement.

Embody and Balance Elements Chart

by Amber Golshani Embody and Balance Elements Chart With the Element Balancing Spread of the Transformation Oracle Deck, one can gain insight into the composition of the four elements (Air, Earth, Water, Fire) in the Seeker and/or situation at that time. It is a metaphysical “x-ray” of the elements at work in the Seeker. This [...]

Geniva Shelley Transformation Oracle Intention Setting

Using the Cards for Intention Setting

   How To Use The Transformation Oracle Deck For Intention Setting by Geniva Shelley, Scholarship Winner Intention is the force that drives manifestation. It is the way an artist starts with a blank canvas and creates a masterpiece, or how an author turns a blank page into a new universe. It can be found in the [...]

Transformation Oracle 12-Step Spread

The Twelve Steps of Recovery Spread

by Robbie Klarer Introduction As I reflect on my life and the times that I have had real transformation away from old beliefs and lifestyle patterns and towards true healing, I realize that many times I have done so by following the path of the 12 Steps of AA. I grew up in an alcoholic [...]

Yoga in the Transformation Oracle

Find the Yoga in Your Cards

by Kristina Eisenhower It was crystal clear as soon as I started studying the cards at the Transformation Oracle Intensive Workshop that certain cards are deeply connected with ideas found in yoga. This thesis shows how the Transformation Oracle has many yogic elements, ideals, and applications that can offer deeper insights to your readings, as [...]

Five Element Pentagram

How the Elements Relate to Spirit

The Elements of the Transformation Oracle as They Relate To Spirit by Jeanette Peasley The four elements of Transformation Oracle cards as they relate to the Spirit is the most important aspect of the cards and their readings as transformation from one stage to another is revealed. Not only do the cards speak with the [...]

White Horse Spirit in Wisdom Card

Spirit Animals in the Transformation Oracle

   A Further Investigation of Animal Symbolism in the Cards by Haelie Louise Shaw, Scholarship Winner The belief in spirit animals originates from the Totemic ideologies of Native American and Aboriginal tribes, and also from Animism, which is the belief carried by many religions that all animals and plants have a spirit (Luna). Within this belief [...]

Mirrored Question Spread by Adryanna Kenna Sadge

How to Design a Spread Using Intuition

by Adryanna Kenna Sadge, Scholarship Winner Excerpted from: An Exploration of Intuition:Understanding its Role throughthe Creation of a New Spread Read the Instructions. Understanding the Role of Intuition By Creating A New Spread Throughout our lives, we have been told to listen to our intuition, our inner voice, follow our gut, or follow our heart. [...]

Element Exploration Tool for the Transformation Oracle

Element Exploration Tool

by Trisha Michel Transformation Oracle Element Exploration The Transformation Oracle cards system is based on the four foundational elements of our Universe – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water – and the qualities, attributes, properties, and roles of these elements in our transformation as human and spiritual beings. Each card falls into one of these four [...]

Strategy Card from Transformation Oracle

Transformation Through The Elements

by Cynthia Santana Fire, Water, Air and the Earth are the four elements of the world and of the Transformation Oracle cards by Sonya Shannon. According to the Greek philosopher Empedocles, elements are not only physical manifestations or material substances, but also know as spiritual essences. (Terasomia or The Doctrine of the four Elements.) All [...]

Creativity Card in the Transformation Oracle

Spirals in the Transformation Oracle

by Julie Stevens Truly, spirals are one of the oldest symbols used by mankind, and some of the oldest geometric shapes in ancient artwork dating back at least to the Neolithic period, created by people thousands of years before writing, or written language! Spirals can represent personal evolution and holistic growth, letting go, surrender, release, [...]

Jason Antalek Phases of Transformation Video

Read Phases of Transformation in a Spread

by Jason Antalek, Akashaman By reading the Phases, we deepen our insights as readers and find new connections to offer our seekers.The Eight Phases of Transformation provide considerable depth for the reader and insight for the seeker. In this video, I outline the Eight Phases of Transformation and noteworthy cards in each phase. I then [...]

Reflection Card from the Transformation Oracle

Mirrors in the Transformation Oracle

by Grandmother Wahseh We look at ourselves as we walk the streets/malls in the windows of stores and restaurants. Mirrors and reflections have been used since time began for magic, scrying, fortune telling, protection and summoning the dark spirits. The word narcissism originated when Narcissus falls in love with his own image. Morgana in King [...]

Recycle Card from the Transformation Oracle

Recycle: Facing Unfinished Emotional Pain

by Cheryl Mlcoch To most of us, the definition of recycling is to use again in the original form or with minimal alteration. The Cambridge English dictionary defines it as “to sort and collect rubbish in order to treat it and produce useful materials that can be used again for a different purpose”. In the [...]

Renovation Card from the Transformation Oracle

The Fire Element in Separation & Divorce

by Michelle W., Scholarship Winner The fire element is a form of burning out the old to make room for the new. As in the Renovation card the fire burns off old, dead trees and brush that needs to be cleaned so there is room for the recreation of the new life that needs to [...]

Liberation Card from the Transformation Oracle

Liberation from Controllers

by Sandy Schneider This paper explores how to liberate yourself from “controllers” — people who use control tactics and make life choices for other people. I looked for answers using the Transformation Oracle Deck to reveal which cards would help deal effectively with controllers. Do other people influence your life choices?I believe that in the [...]