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Element Exploration Tool

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by Trisha Michel

Transformation Oracle Element Exploration

The Transformation Oracle cards system is based on the four foundational elements of our Universe – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water – and the qualities, attributes, properties, and roles of these elements in our transformation as human and spiritual beings. Each card falls into one of these four categories of primary elements, and the primary element is critical in the interpretation of a reading.

Reading one or more secondary elements in a card increases clarity.

The idea to explore interpreting and applying any “secondary” elements present came about as a means to deepen my Transformation Oracle readings. It may be useful for the reader to seek more clarity around the interpretation of a card by considering the presence of one or more secondary elements, shedding light on the position of the card location in a spread and transformational state of the seeker.

The use of the element exploration tool can be applied to any spread. The only exception is the Element Balancing spread which relies on the primary element of each card. I humbly offer to the reader this tool to provide deeper insights into the Transformation Oracle deck. Examples of how the secondary elements may be invoked can be below. For an analysis for each of the 44 cards in the Transformation Oracle deck:

Download the Element Exploration Tool.


Forgiveness card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle


The primary element of the Forgiveness card is Earth. Forgiveness is such a humbling experience, and who is the hardest to forgive but ourselves, and the planet Earth in the background reminds us of this. The forgiveness card has one secondary element, Water. Water in the form of tears can wash away the resentment and pain of feeling wronged. To truly forgive, we must know in our heart, which is an attribute of the Water element, that we are all One.




Ascent card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle


The primary element of the Ascent card is Air. Standing atop an amethyst mountain, we can rise above negativity of ourselves and others (Air) and move into our higher chakras; this upward movement is characteristic of Air. Amethyst is part of the Earth and helps to clear negativity; amethyst is also widely treasured for healing physical and emotional ailments (Earth) and to balance the chakras. A smoldering Fire in the background rises to meet Water, forming a rainbow of possibilities.





Liberation card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle


Fire is the primary element of the Liberation card, because breaking free of whatever has been binding us is a necessary part of the soul’s journey. At the moment of liberation, a distant star comes into alignment. A secondary element is the grounding energy of Earth, displayed by this man humbly kneeling on the ground as he is freed of his chains of bondage. The Air element is also implied here because those shackles are our mind’s limiting beliefs – beliefs about ourselves that are not grounded in the Truth of who we really are.




Celebration card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle


Also known as “the Dancing Water” card, Celebration is a Water card because when we celebrate, our hearts are filled with love and joy. This card has a strong Earth presence with the earth-shaped spheres filled with multi-cultured women celebrating around the world. The clear spheres suggest the lightness, like bubbles of Air, of the festive time. The star-like reflections mirror the Fire of the sun, because each one of us is a spark of the Divine. This is the time to be in community and in communion with all elements!





Trisha Michel, Oracle Reader

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