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Assignment #1 • Transformation Stories

Transformation Stories are tales of spiritual transformation in life, viewed through the 44 cards of the Transformation Oracle. These stories are the first assignment to become a Certified Transformation Oracle Reader.

The assignment is simply to describe your transformational journey, referring to at least one card in each of the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water. You may refer to more than one card in each element, if it further illuminates your experience.

The purpose of this assignment is to help you become personally familiar with the cards. Sharing your experience and life journey inspires others to look at their own transformation, healing, and ascension process.

Spider Spirit in the Stuck Card

Getting Un-Stuck

by Timothy Binkley Overcoming Inertia A couple of years ago a student in Chile contacted me about one of my articles he had seen referenced but couldn’t find. That article was not readily available online, so I sent him an offprint. This made me realize that I would like my writings, artworks and software to [...]

Detail from Simplicity Card in Transformation Oracle

Serving At the Divine Gate

by Robbie Klarer My Daily Journey to God When I think of transformation, my life and time, I am not able to find a specific period in the stream to say this was the definitive point that I was transformed or had a significant experience that change it all. For me, I feel that I [...]

Resolution detail

Becoming Lady Nytewind

by Charlyn Scheffelman, AKA Lady Nytewind Mother bought me all kinds of dolls, but all I wanted was a chemistry set. While exhibiting my book at a metaphysical fair in Denver, I was drawn to a booth filled will most beautiful paintings. There was an oracle deck displayed and I drew a card. I was [...]

My Revolution of Self

by Haelie Louise Shaw, Scholarship Winner Throughout my child and teen-hood, my life was a whirlwind of emotional neglect as well as physical, verbal, and sexual abuse. Most of this abuse was perpetrated by members of my immediate family. My parents and brother were the pinnacle of the toxic family dynamics that haunted both sides [...]

Journey Card from the Transformation Oracle

Endless Journey

by Kristen Shepard I have called 14 different places home in the last 17 years and will be moving again within a month’s time…but this time it’s different. It’s not because of a new relationship, cheaper rent, running away, or new job/school. It’s to be with family, my sister closest to me in age. I [...]

Reflection card detail from the Transformation Oracle by Sonya Shannon

Embracing Spiritual Gifts

by Jeanette Peasley Through out my life I have had experiences with the spiritual world. It became most prevalent when I was in the fifth grade and my mother had her own transformation and began to teach us about the creator. I was raised in the Catholic Church and also with non-traditional spiritual practices as [...]

Grace Card detail from the Transformation Oracle

My Path to Love, Joy and Happiness

by Vialet B. Rayne Surrender My transformation journey began in 2009. I was living in Orlando, Florida. My focus had been completing my Master’s degree and climbing the corporate ladder in a male dominated corporate role. As the Vice President of Human Resources of a Fortune 500 company, I had built the corporate infrastructure of [...]

Wisdom card detail from the Transformation Oracle

A Path to Wisdom

I kept hearing, “Step into the light.” But how? The Divine had brought me to a place where my eyes could no longer deceive. My mind could no longer pretend. My heart could no longer hide. I had to make a choice – to live or die. And in that dream, I lived.

Trisha Michel, Oracle Reader

Coming Home to Me

by Trisha Michel I look back on the many transformations that have taken place in my lifetime. Some were “mini” and some huge. In my college years, I blossomed from a shy, introverted girl who only knew of studying and babysitting since my teens into a more confident woman who socialized and made friends easily. [...]

Cynthia Santana, Oracle Reader

Heart, Soul & Service

by Cynthia Santana My first class with the Transformational Oracle Cards was in the winter of 2015. I knew in my heart when I learned about the possibility of being a reader that this was my modality, and that I would be a reader for wandering seekers of transformation. Sonya starts the class off by [...]


Journey of Forgiveness

by Rebecca Martinez, Scholarship Winner Dear Self, I truly believe that transformation is continuously taking place every day of my existence. In the 26 years I have been on this planet I have been through many different stages and I am thankful to Spirit every day that I continue to grow and become closer to [...]

Rebirth Detail

Awakening After An Injury

A bruised mind can create a never ending stream of vexing thoughts. Was this to be a way of life for me now? Driven to take charge of my life again, I reached beyond Western Medicine into the metaphysical world…

Aura Photo of Grandmother Wahseh

I Found My Life’s Purpose

by Grandmother Wahseh Until I encountered the Transformation Oracle, I knew I was supposed to be extending my energies, but had no idea what that could possibly encompass. I was frightened of being “out there” in the public eye and always shied away from it before. I spent many years quietly hiding, knowing there must [...]

Prayer Card from the Transformation Oracle

I Am A Transformer!

by Sandy Schneider I wanted to know my life purpose as a child. I have been searching for divine answers all my life. I love transformation experiences and they occur on a consistent basis as I soul search for my creative and spiritual purpose on earth. I have had a deep faith, trust and belief [...]