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Journey of Discovery into Adulthood

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by Geniva Shelley

Journey of Discovery into Adulthood

Receptivity Card Transformation Oracle


While starting this assignment, I sorted the deck into the four elements and drew a card from each. The Air card I pulled was Receptivity, and interestingly enough after I reshuffled the deck it appeared again. There’s a quote from The Transformation Oracle booklet description of this card that worded it perfectly: “People tell us repeatedly what we need to hear, but often we don’t, won’t, or can’t listen.” Often, the universe will send me the same message repeatedly, gently nudging me to notice. To be receptive is to listen with an open heart, which is the message the universe wants me to receive.
Now and then, I tend to doubt my intuition and question it rather than trust it. Yet, as a reader and a spiritual individual, it is extremely important to eliminate doubt and to listen to my inner-voice with my heart and soul, not my ego. Ever since the Transformation Oracle Workshop, I have become more aware of how my self-doubt limits my intuition, and that I must be more receptive to my inner guide by trusting what it tells me is true.
As a card in the Air Element, this card relates to thoughts and ideas. The card Receptivity is a message to me to be more open-minded, eliminate doubt, and allow intuition to come naturally instead of demanding it. However, sometimes mental doubt, unbalanced air energy, will leave me questioning too much or overthinking, when the answer is already coming to me. This has helped me learn the instantaneousness of natural intuition. The Receptivity card tells me to listen to the Universe with my heart rather than my head, and allow the divine to guide me. When I am present and open-minded, my intuition will sing.



While pulling from the Earth Element, the card Forgiveness appeared. The imagery of this card evokes such raw, yet relatable feelings as I gaze upon the woman in the artwork. She has a vulnerable quality to her bare skin, however there is a merciful demeanor in her eyes as she examines me watching her. I’ve learned through doing readings it’s important to pay attention to imagery that perhaps make me feel confronted, because usually those messages hold lots of power and meaning. I feel those exposing, vulnerable emotions when I see the Forgiveness card. I often struggle with allowing myself to feel vulnerable, but it’s easy to forget we were all born with nothing. Forgiveness allows me to live in peace within myself. As Ellen Burstyn said, “What a lovely surprise to finally discover how un-lonely being alone can be.”
The Forgiveness card is reminding me to love myself and to not compare my path to others. When I can forgive myself for the mistaken belief that I am off my path, that is when my path will truly become clear for me. There is great power and authenticity in being seen for who you truly are, and I would like to share the truest version of myself with others in every situation. I have had experiences in my life where I’ve had to forgive others and mostly myself, and those moments remind me how forgiveness creates space for the transformation I desire in my life. I must let my feelings run their course, but also remember to let them fade away, so they do not consume me.
When we forgive others and move on from the past, space is created for the thoughts and experiences we actively seek in our lives. The Forgiveness card is here to remind me to forgive others and myself. If I love myself on this journey, love will continue to find me.

Resurrection Card from the Transformation Oracle


From the Water Element, I pulled the card Resurrection, one of my favorite images in the deck. The fisherman wakes at sunrise, collects his supplies set out eagerly from the night before, and sets out for discovery. The fisherman kneels on a rock in the lake, content as he fishes in solitude in the mountains. He is present in the moment as he listens to the sounds of nature around him, the water lapping on the rocks and the seagulls calling. From the snow on the mountains, it’s possible it could be his first time fishing since the cold season began to cease. He has returned to his beloved hobby with ease, familiar, but also new.
All my life, I have had a collection of passions and hobbies, some of which I’ve neglected and left in the corner, while others I focus on and set high upon a shelf. However, I’ll find myself revisiting a past love of interests I’d forgotten about, and experiencing a feeling of newness along with a sense of familiarity that comes from experience and mastery.
Like the Fisherman, I must include time for myself to be present. The Resurrection card is telling me to revisit a former hobby or passion to become re-inspired by what I already love. When we do what we love, it restores our emotional waters, like the snow melting in the mountains during the spring replenishes our land’s freshwater. When I express love for myself and the interests that engage me, I am restoring my emotional waters. I feel like the Resurrection card is telling me specifically to begin writing again. When I was a young teen, I wanted to be an author one day, and I have recently realized in the Internet Age publishing my works has never been easier than now. Returning to my past passion of writing will honor my inner-child, remind me of moments from the past, and assist me in being present in the moment.

Purification Card from the Transformation Oracle


The Fire Element has a known reputation for its heat and passion, but its cleansing abilities are often overlooked because of fire’s more intense characteristics. For generations, humans have used fire to sterilize water, cook our food, and even as a means of waste-disposal. The fire card I pulled, Purification, embodies these aspects of the Fire element. Transmuting toxic thoughts and emotions into positive ones is how we achieve “spiritual victory.” Like the peacock eating a snake and converting the poison to the vibrant colors of their feathers, the Purification card tells me to convert my toxic thoughts and feelings, and to consume them rather than let them consume me.
Purification taught me not to let toxic energies and thoughts interfere with my growth. Purification is transformative, and necessary to mature and grow spiritually. While I can’t always control my experiences or my environment, I can always change my thoughts and beliefs, and remember every experience is important to my journey.
It is important to transmute toxic energy I receive in my life. To quote Louise Hay, “I do not fix problems. I fix my thinking. Then problems fix themselves.” I have gone through phases of toxic thought patterns and beliefs, and as soon as I feed my mind positive thoughts, usually through the use of the Transformation Oracle or affirmations, I always find mental clarity and calmness.
Purification is telling me to transmute my toxic thoughts and beliefs into positive thoughts. Converting toxic energy gives me room for expansion. Expansion is endless!



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