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The Transformation Oracle Deck

Transformation Oracle Treasure Chest Open

Transformation Oracle Deck

Treasure Chest Edition





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Product Specifications

  • 5-1/4” x 6” x 1-1/2” magnetic closure treasure box
  • 44 lavishly illustrated divination cards
  • 152-page full color guidebook with complete instructions


Divination for the Aquarian Age

Transform old patterns as you explore 44 cathartic pathways to your higher Self! This oracle brilliantly illuminates the turning points in our personal growth. Through the ancient mystical power of the four elements—Earth, Air, Fire, and Water—the cards open visual portals to Divine healing energy. Each card helps you navigate daily life situations through pictorial visions and accompanying messages in the guidebook. Read for yourself and others and get answers to every question from how to call on Spirit, how to shuffle, pick cards, interpret Divine messages, and cleanse the deck after a reading. Complete illustrated instructions for ten spreads help you read Past-Present-Future, Yes-No-Maybe questions, Element Balancing, Levels of Being, Chakras, Celtic Cross, Projects, Relationships, and more. Learn the eight phases of transformation and how to read transformational symbols in the artwork, from sacred geometry, animals and archetypes, through crystals and alchemy. Relevant for all levels of divination.

“Master artist Sonya Shannon brings her wisdom, compassionate heart, and immense talent to bless us with this inspired offering of guidance on our spiritual journey.” – Janis Page, Spiritual Counselor & Astrologer

“I created this oracle from my heart, in service of the Divine Wisdom that is your birthright. May the visions and images inspire you to manifest your highest Self, fulfill your Divine Destiny, and spread positivity and hope to your loved ones.” – Sonya Shannon