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The Transformation Oracle Deck

Transformation Oracle Product

Transformation Oracle Deck
Final Boutique Printing


The Ruby Edition amplifies power, love, abundance and divine connection. Vibrates at the frequency of Spiritual Royalty.



For international orders, please contact us.

Product Specifications:

  • 44 lavishly illustrated oracle cards
  • 68-page Guide Book with detailed instructions
  • black jewel box
  • gold organza bag

Transform Yourself!

Immerse yourself in divinely inspired artwork and guidance with this healing card deck by much-loved artist Sonya Shannon. Each beautifully illustrated card gives practical insights to help you transform yourself for the better. The guidebook explains how each idea relates to the four elements earth, air, fire, and water—and gives you profound thoughts and feelings to help you navigate your life.

Wonderful Advice!

Transformation Oracle
"The Transformation Oracle Deck is truly captivating and grabs at the very essence of our life experiences. Allowing yourself to go deeper within the deck will truly help you take your readings to the next level! Sonya takes you on an intimate journey within each card and shares some of her priceless channeled experiences. She teaches you invaluable skills to see each card in it's true form and gives you personal insight to help you on your spiritual path. Be ready to be transformed in your own life as well! Don't wait another day to expand your vision, be enlightened, and have a Master Healer & Artist at your fingertips."

Exclusive Facebook Group!

Facebook Private Group

You are invited to share your spread with other mystics, seekers, and Transformation Oracle readers! This safe, private group on Facebook gives you a forum to take a photo of your spread and upload it. Browse the Transformation Oracle group on Facebook to see how others have interpreted spreads.

A Huge Source of Support

Transformation Oracle
"Your cards are a huge source of support and guidance. Thank you - I truly feel the Universe had my need in mind—along with many others—when it led you to create your beautiful artwork and Transformation Cards."

Unique Features:

  • Easy to use, quick to learn!
  • Stunning visuals help you access your deep knowledge & gain intuitive insights
  • Two original spreads, ONLY with the Transformation Oracle!
    – Levels of Being (3 cards)
    – Element-Balancing (4 cards)
  • Based on the eternal wisdom of the four elements Earth, Water, Air & Fire (corresponds to body, heart, mind & spirit)
  • Cards are color-coded brown (earth), green (air), orange (fire) and blue (water), for clear, accurate readings
  • Detailed support and extra info on this website, with help interpreting your spreads!
  • Artwork and written interpretations help you access your knowledge of the four elements, Jungian archetypes, ancient metaphysical truths and more!
  • Extraordinary artwork features ordinary people undergoing real-life transformations that you and your friends can relate to
  • Printed in the USA

Powerful Symbols

Transformation Oracle
"Thank you Sonya Shannon for a fantastic workshop, I loved every minute of it. I am looking forward to applying what I have learned to bring awareness and love to people who are seeking answers. Your Transformation Oracle cards are an answer to prayer to heal and seek wisdom for those looking for the truth. Thank you to each class member, your energy and love came as a blessing and I am grateful for the experience and opportunity to meet you."

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