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Our Transformation Oracle Certified Readers have completed the entire certification process. Find a reader who suits your style!

Amber Golshani

Check out Amber’s winning Scholarship Application! Amber Golshani Wholistic Health Wholistic Health Care Plant Medicine Intuitive Energy Healing When you are in the dark and cannot see now healing is possible, I will stand by your side, hold a lantern and guide you. Though I no longer practice medicine, I am a healer and light [...]

Geniva Shelley Transformation Oracle Reader

Geniva Shelley

Check out Geniva’s winning Scholarship Application! Geniva Shelley Juniper Oracle I believe that everyone was born with the power of intuition, like instincts, and the ability to utilize the sixth sense. In today’s culture, intuition is often overlooked or dismissed, which is why most believe they are not capable of it. I am passionate about [...]

Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Robbie Klarer

Robbie Klarer

April 2019 “I am known for my resourcefulness, spiritual insight, knowledge, kindness and care, as well as providing quality service in reading, healing, business coaching, graphic design and website implementation. I believe that I am here to be of service to others, to love, care and encourage them and am often given an opportunity to [...]

Kristina Eisenhower Transformation Oracle Certified Reader

Kristina Eisenhower

February 2019 Into yoga?Follow Yogify Yo’Self and Kristina on Facebook! Love photos?Visit Yogify Yo’Self and KaleidoKristina on Instagram! Kristina Eisenhower Yogify Yo’self / The KaleidoLife Coach Transformation Oracle Card Readings Yoga Creative Life Coaching doTERRA Essential Oils Kristina embodies and shares how to Yogify Yo’self (uniting the mind, body & spirit in connection with the [...]

Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Haelie Shaw

Haelie Louise Shaw

September 2018 Check out Haelie’s winningScholarship Application! Haelie Louise Shaw Alternative Paradigm Transformation Oracle Card Readings Personalized Medicine Jewelry Essential Oils Distribution & Teaching “Using intensive knowledge of sacred, animal, and universal symbolism, I aim to assist in the manifestation of deep spiritual healing. Through the use of the Transformation Oracle deck and other powerful [...]

Jeanette Peasley, Transformation Oracle Certified Reader

Jeanette Peasley

Jeanette Peasley Transformation Oracle Readings Published Author/Motivational Speaker Spiritual Advisor/Teacher Divine Healer Angel/Intuitive Readings Get a reading with Jeanette! Please call 719-250-9585 or click here to email Jeanette for an appointment. Explore Jeanette’s reading style through this chakra spread. Get inspired by Jeanette’s Transformation Story! Here’s Jeanette’s experience with the Certification Workshop:

Vialet Rayne - Transformation Oracle Certified Reader

Vialet Rayne

<!--December 2017 --> VIALET RAYNE is a Certified Transformation Oracle Reader who offers numerous other services, and owns Discover Your Spiritual Gifts in Littleton, Colorado. Email Vialet! Or follow her on your favorite social media: MeetUp • EventBrite • Facebook • Pinterest What Vialet Says About The Certification Workshop Vialet Rayne CertifiedTransformation Oracle Reader Akashic [...]

Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Adryanna Kenna Sadge

Adryanna Kenna Sadge

February 2018 Check out Adryanna’s winning Scholarship Application! Visit Adryanna Kenna Sadge on Facebook! Adryanna Kenna Sadge Transformation Oracle Readings Nontraditional Reiki Dragon Reiki Shamanic Reiki Sacred Blue Flame Feather Way Intuitive Readings Adryanna is an Intuitive Reader, a Shamanic Practitioner, and a Reiki Master Teacher who works with the healing energies of Mother Nature [...]

Cynthia Santana Certified Transformation Oracle Reader

Cynthia Santana

October 2017 Get in touch with Cynthia! CYNTHIA SANTANA offers adventure trips and spiritual counseling. She is a Certified Transformation Oracle Reader. Cynthia on The Certification Workshop Cynthia SantanaIntuitive Transformation Oracle Reader Spiritual Counselor Adventure Trip Guide Get a Reading with Cynthia! Please call or text 720-837-5029 or click here to email Cynthia to schedule [...]

Trisha Michel Certified Reader

Trisha Michel

December 2017 Get in touch with Trisha! TRISHA MICHEL is a Certified Transformation Oracle Reader, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Practitioner. Trisha MichelCertified Yoga Teacher Transformation Oracle Reader Inventor of the Element Exploration Tool Master of Science in Nutrition Reiki Level 2 Practitioner Seraphic Wisdom Practitioner Discover Trisha’s Element Exploration Tool! Learn how to get [...]

Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Rebecca Martinez

Rebecca Martinez

January 2019 Visit Rebecca Martinez on Facebook! Rebecca Martinez Heartfelt Readings using the Transformation Oracle Get a Reading with Rebecca Martinez Please click here to email Rebecca for an appointment. REBECCA MARTINEZ is known for her spiritual and prayerful readings, helping people who have suffered loss along the journey of life. Read Rebecca’s transformation story, [...]

Julie Stevens, Transformation Oracle Certified Reader

Julie Stevens

January 2018 Get in touch with Julie! JULIE STEVENS offers Reiki sessions & Reiki classes. She is a licensed spiritual healer, Certified Transformation Oracle Reader and Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist. Julie StevensReiki Healer Transformation Oracle Readings Raindrop Sessions Reiki Healing Get a Reading with Julie! Please call (719) 368-0594 or click here to email Julie [...]

Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Jason Antalek

Jason Antalek

September 2017 Visit Jason’s website! Check out Jason’s VIDEO on How to Read Phases of Transformation JASON ANTALEK does Akashic Record Readings, Transformation Oracle Readings, and Angelic Reiki Healing. He combines the insight drawn from the Transformation Oracle, wisdom of the Akashic Records and the healing energy of Angelic Reiki to provide knowledge and healing [...]

Grandmother Wahseh, Transformation Oracle Certified Reader

Grandmother Wahseh – In Memorium

May 2017 Grandmother Wahseh, Anishinaabeg ElderWhite Earth Chippewa Nation Spirit Path Readings using the Transformation Oracle Sacred Energy Clearing / Balancing Gitchi Manitou House Blessings / Clearnings Remembering Grandmother Wahseh GRANDMOTHER WAHSEH was known for Native American blessings and guidance, using oracle, animal, and traditional spirit energies. She resided in the Greater Denver area (Thornton) [...]

Cheryl Mlcoch, Transformation Oracle Certified Reader

Cheryl Mlcoch

Visit Cheryl’s website! Cheryl MlcochElven Heart Readings with Cheryl Counselor Trauma Survivor Intuitive Transformation Oracle Readings Get a Reading with Cheryl! Please call 720.325.1460 or click here to email Cheryl for an appointment. Follow Cheryl on Facebook! Visit Cheryl’s Podcast Wise & Wacky Wounded Healer CHERYL MLCOCH helps trauma survivors nurture self-love through education, inner-child [...]

Michelle Whitehead, Transformation Oracle Certified Reader

Michelle Whitehead

April 2017 Check out Michelle’s winningScholarship Application! Visit Michelle’s Facebook Page! Michelle Whitehead Spiritual Advisor Divorce Survivor Ordained Minister Divination Transformation Oracle Readings Get a reading with Michelle! Click here to email Michelle for an appointment. Follow Michelle on Facebook! MICHELLE WHITEHEAD helps divorce survivors and seekers of healing through spiritual transformation, gratitude, and prayerfulness. [...]

Sandy Schneider, Transformation Oracle Certified Reader

Sandy Schneider

March 2017 Visit Sandy’s FaceBook Page! Sandy SchneiderEmpowering Choices Certified Life Coach Intuitive Transformation Oracle Readings Get a reading with Sandy! Please call 303.565.6530 or click here to email Sandy for an appointment. Follow Sandy on Facebook Check out Sandy on Pinterest Read Sandy’s article LIBERATION from Controllers. Explore one of Sandy’s sample readings about [...]

Janis Page, Transformation Oracle Certified Reader

Janis Page

Visit Janis’s Website! “I have a passion for harmonics… the sacred resonant mathematical ratios of relationship, of proportion in design, of interval, as they manifest in music, voice, astrology, and sacred geometry. The same principles carry through with continuity, like beads on the string of a mala …” ~ Janis Page Janis PageRuby Mala Astrological [...]