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Michelle Whitehead

Michelle Whitehead, Transformation Oracle Certified Reader

April 2017

Reader of the Month Transformation Oracle Scholarship Winner

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Michelle Whitehead

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MICHELLE WHITEHEAD helps divorce survivors and seekers of healing through spiritual transformation, gratitude, and prayerfulness.

Here is Michelle’s outstanding research on The Fire Element in Separation and Divorce.

Check out Michelle’s Levels of Being reading for a young man recently discharged from the Military.

Michelle on The Certification Workshop:

Transformation Oracle
"Since your wonderful class, many things have happened. I am finally headed in a lighted direction away from the darkness that seemed to follow me for so long. I have used your teachings and the cards many times to help me through the past months of despair. They provided me with peace, light, and hope when I needed it most. You will never know or understand how much your class and the beautiful cards have helped me make it through each day. I wish for you to ALWAYS have God's blessings for you to continue spreading the knowledge and warmth that you do. It has meant a great deal to me as I'm sure it has to many others you have helped over the years."