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DEADLINE for Scholarship Application: 11:59pm MST Friday, July 28, 2023



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A Letter from Sonya Shannon

Dear Scholarship Applicants:


Each time I run the Transformation Oracle Certification Workshop, I offer one full scholarship. I sometimes offer partial scholarships for people to attend one of the three Workshops. It is my lifetime dream to leave behind a financial legacy, so that I can continue to offer scholarships to deserving people after I am gone.


As an educator, I know that there will always be that deserving person who is fully qualified and ready to become Certified, but due to life circumstances, simply cannot afford the financial commitment. After teaching Graduate, Undergraduate, and Continuing Education students for more than 12 years at Pratt Institute and School of Visual Arts in New York, I’ve had the honor of being on numerous Scholarship Awards committees. Often, those who win scholarships go on to do great things for the field and the community.


At the dawn of the Aquarian Age — also called the New Age — many Light Workers are called upon to help others awaken to higher consciousness. Often, Light Workers are on a path of great difficulty, including loss, health challenges, unemployment, surviving abuse, and otherwise coping with extraordinary circumstances. As an artist and author, I am a Light Worker in service to the Divine. My job is to bring messages of light and hope during this time of the Planetary Shift, and to help others reach their goals of serving the Light.


If you are chosen to win the Full Scholarship, I have confidence in your ability to complete the Certification. This includes finishing the four practical assignments that must be completed on your own time. I also like to offer Scholarship Winners (and other Workshop Attendees!) a chance to practice reading for the public at some of the many Metaphysical Fairs and events that I do each year. This experience is enormously helpful in starting or expanding your own reader business, and in completing final assignments.


I wish you the best of luck with your application and promise I will do my best to walk beside you on this journey.


In Service to the Divine,


Sonya Shannon,
Transformation Oracle Author/Artist


Julie Stevens in the Transformation Oracle Workshop

How to Apply


  1. Read the application letters from Scholarship winners (scroll down)
  2. Tell me your story & make your case
  3. Explain why you want to become a Certified Reader
  4. Describe why the Transformation Oracle is your deck of choice
  5. Submit your application before the deadline



Below are samples of actual Scholarship application letters. We look for why each Scholarship applicant wants to become a Certified Reader, and why they want to certify in the Transformation Oracle – as opposed to another Tarot or Oracle deck. Here are some factors:

  • need, based on hardship
  • merit, based on effort towards eduction
  • service towards community, family and others
  • spiritual values such as forgiveness, positivity, and faith
  • ability to attend classes and complete practical assignments


Geniva Shelley

Geniva Shelley - Transformation Oracle Scholarship Winner


Scholarship Winner


I often try to remember the first time I was introduced to spirituality, but every time I cannot remember back that far. As a child, I was raised agnostic, but I always was attracted to spirituality and religion from as far back as I can remember. I was so curious about the unseen world, I yearned to learn more. I’d try to read every metaphysical book the library offered, research online, any method I could to see this mystery that entranced me.


By far, the most significant path of my spirituality in my youth has been my time vending at Body Mind Spirit Expo alongside my very first mentor, Pixi Eagleheart. Pixi is an amazing and wonderful healer and energy practitioner who makes energy-clearing herb and crystal-based sprays. I was about 14 or 15 the first time I vended with Pixi, selling her potions with her. After this day, immersed around healers, psychics, crystals, herbs, and these new profound ideas I was suddenly confronted with, I had this intense need to know more, to learn as much as I possibly could and then keep learning. I’ve always had a drive for knowledge, the never-ending quest, but nothing is more exciting to me than a subject I can study and learn more about.


I would end up vending for Pixi multiple times a year for about 6 years, all while continuing to explore my own spirituality. I became very well versed in crystals. Identifying them, their properties physically and metaphysically, learning their energies, and especially learning about the Law of Correspondences. I also had a focus on palmistry and the chakras. All the while attending fairs, classes, and working with some amazingly talented mystics. Every fair I vended was always significant, filled with synchronicities, epiphanies, and unexplainable moments. To this day, most nights I still dream about the fairs and the people I’d meet. One of these influential healers I had the privilege of meeting was Sonya Shannon.


Many years in a row, Pixi’s booth would be across the aisle from Sonya’s booth. In many ways I grew up at these fairs, standing across the row daydreaming as I observed Sonya’s beautiful artwork. It became a part of me. Like a childhood princess who’s stories you grow up with, I felt connected to Sonya’s work in the same way. It became nostalgic, part of a memory of my most cherished times, and I found so much comfort in her artwork. Each piece I could feel myself in the painting, feel the story around me, not as a 2D painting but as a whole universe. Not only her art, but getting to know Sonya herself was such a privilege I feel extremely blessed with. Sonya quickly became one of my idols, there were so many qualities I looked up to in her. She was and still is the most humble person I know, and her light and love she radiates is infectious.


Just like the Trickster card says, “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.” When 2020 came, we were no longer able to vend the same anymore, and converted most of Pixi’s business to online and out of her home. I was sad to lose our time throughout the year together vending, but happy to see her evolving and growing during these uncertain times.


2020 hit me, like most people, like a ton of bricks. I was working as a caregiver at an already-understaffed group home, and due to COVID my 6 hour shifts were changed to 12 hour shifts. During this, I was already not at the best place mentally, and it all started to spiral, until I felt so far under I didn’t know if I could make it back above. Lost wasn’t even the word, I think I would have preferred to be lost, I felt at the bottom of a long dark well and I knew the way out, but damn it would be hard to get there. Or so I thought. August 2020 I attended Body Mind Spirit expo as a guest, needing that energy from the fair and knowing that what I needed would find me there. I had gone with the intention to get Sonya’s oracle deck, at this time I wasn’t sure the difference between Tarot and oracle. Sonya wasn’t in attendance I’d discovered, but I ended up picking up a Rider-Waite Smith Tarot deck. This sent me into a new research frenzy, learning everything I could about the Tarot, but mostly learning how knowledge is an endless journey, and we can never truly know anything. That just makes me want to learn more though, excited at the idea of endlessness. My fire came back.


During this time with Tarot I always knew I wanted Sonya’s oracle deck, her images were so nostalgic and meaningful to me, I knew it would be the ultimate tool for my practice and tapping into my subconscious. Not even a week or two after I got into Tarot, Pixi let me borrow her Transformation Oracle, and I was hooked. Using the powers of symbolism, affirmations, and Sonya’s healing oracle deck and artworks of hers that I have, I was able to pull myself out of my depression. And I never stopped studying, learning more, exploring the known and the unknown, and mostly myself.


I am currently working on paying off serious debt that was accrued by a previous partner with whom I cannot have any contact, due to a domestic violence charge and protection order.


All of this has led me here, right now, typing this letter in hopes of winning the scholarship. After 2 years of studying Tarot and oracle, this will help me take my readings to the next step, a professional level. I have known of the Transformation Oracle workshop classes for a couple years now, but haven’t pursued the full certification yet due to the price of all of the classes. I always wanted to make it work somehow, though, and cosmically I stumbled upon the scholarship application while scrolling through Sonya’s site.


These days I am a part-time caregiver, but I dream of owning and running my own business. Due to COVID, caregiving has been more difficult. I left my beloved job at the group home because of extremely high stress during the COVID times, with seemingly no end. I currently take care of one woman part-time, but am needing more hours, so I have been faced with the option of finding another part-time caring job, or pursuing my dream of a self-owned business. Before I saw this opportunity for the scholarship, the former had been my plan, but now I have been inspired and filled with hope at the opportunity to propel my readings to a professional level where I would be comfortable reading for others.


Training alongside Sonya will provide me with invaluable experience, especially working alongside her and reading at fairs. Experiences I could take and put into work in my own business. My dream is to sell my own products and services at fairs, and to teach workshops on divination and other magical topics. This opportunity with Sonya feels like my next Journey, the next step to becoming more Me. Thank you for your time.



Amber Golshani

Amber Golshani - Transformation Oracle Scholarship Winner


Scholarship Winner


“There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anais Nin


I write this today as my husband packs up and moves from our home. I sit with mixed emotions-fears and excitement. This isn’t just a new chapter in my life, but a whole new book. I am waking up to know myself and to the tremendous courage that lives inside of me to get uncomfortable and speak the truth. I understand that even the small act of standing up for myself and saying “I will no longer accept this” will ripple out and impact others.


I have always been the weird one. The person is who is not satisfied with “the way things are.” The child that talked to animals and plants. The teen that saw through superficial popularity and desired deep connection. I was often scolded for bringing light to hypocrisy I saw. My parents did not know how to connect with me and would tell me to keep my mouth shut and bite my tongue. I learned to hide and not be too “out there.” My child’s mind learned that people would not accept or love ALL of me, and I had to do it all on my own.


As a young woman I found my calling to help people through medicine, but not conventional medicine. I had to do everything different! I chose a less certain, less travelled path and became a naturopathic physician. In my wholistic practice of 12 years I attempted to work with people body, mind and spirit. One of the best decisions I ever made was to leave my practice and raise my children. However, this has left me in a place without an income of my own.


They are getting older now and don’t need me as much, freeing up time for myself. I noticed the more I could rely on myself, the less I needed the unhealthy codependency, the push and pull, of my partnership. Again, my Aquarius nature was telling me not to settle. That just because things are comfortable doesn’t mean they are right. That sometimes, “that’s just the way it is”, IS NOT ACCEPTABLE. Today marks another step in the journey to come back to myself, my wholeness, my confidence, and my radiance.


Last weekend, when I had my first reading by Jeanette with your Transformation deck, I was on the eve of my 45th birthday. In some ways, my life has never been more rocky-separation from my partner of 25 years, two children dealing with their own life concerns, my parent’s failing health, my depression and apathy, my autoimmune disease flare, the rediscovery of myself and a yearning to find a new way to be of service to my community. Despite the uncertainty “out there,” in here, deep in my heart, in the center of my body, is a solidness I have never experienced before.


I know me. I trust me. I can count on me. And it is time for me to shine.


The reading from Jeanette was so beautifully affirming of my journey. The first card was Discovery. What really impacted me from this card was to continue to draw on the strength of my ancestors. I felt immediate relief and support when I felt into this. For too long I have held the unhealthy belief that I am alone, no one can love me or understand me and I need to do it all on my own. My ancestors are with me and I can draw on their strength. In my prayers I have started spending extra time talking to those who have come before and calling on their strength and wisdom. It also spoke to me to look with new eyes at what is already here for me, but nevertheless, to keep digging, without judgement of what I may find on this new adventure by myself.


The second card was Rest, Inverted. How did the universe know I had been neglecting my self-care?! With all the uncertainty in my relationship and flipping my kids lives upside down, I have been in a state of worry, control and trying to figure it all out. I had a regular meditation practice that fortified me to ask for a separation, but then once I did, I lapsed into fear and let go of my practice as I faced the reality, the logistics, and the planning.


My third card was Descent, which initially scared me. How much further down must I go? I have already been through crushing depression and dug my way out. As I let the picture sink in, I saw the vein of gold and the bat. The bat knows its way in the dark. It feels comfortable. I let myself know that I am supported in my descent and that it will be fruitful. I took this as another message to LET GO OF CONTROL and allow the universe to unfold as it should for me. Together with the Rest card, I felt a visceral release in my chest….I am supported through the ups and the downs.


My final card was Prayer. Jeanette suggested to take time to pray for myself. It is really time for me to speak and to ask the universe for what I want, to ask for help, and to honor myself. I have never done this for myself! I pray for other people! For community! For mother earth! But for me? It is time. I can ask for help AND practice surrender knowing that the universe will provide exactly what I need. I am supported!


I felt so comforted after this reading. I am supported!!! This is the right path!!! There will be bumps along the way, but as long as I take care of myself, call on my support and surrender to God, I will be ok. Just like the artwork is subject to different interpretations and viewpoints, so too are the many channels of support available to me. I left soft and open.


Remaining tight in the bud is no longer an option. I must blossom.


At this point I still had not even seen the rest of the room or met you! But once I saw your art and the Transformation deck available for purchase, I knew that this work was meant to be in my life-not just for me, but to share. You and your work were luminous and called to me.


It is in my nature to share when I find good things! I think that is why I was a good doctor and my patients loved me. I have been through it all and tried it all too!


Now that I have let my license expire as Doctor, I am in the process of creating a new way of serving the world and supporting myself financially. I am finding that I am worthy, I am enough and I can help people just by being me. It is safe to bring all of me. Even the woo-woo parts that I was told to keep quiet.


In the past, I would have never burned sage and prayed with my patients seeking help for their anxiety, thyroid, or gut issues. Now I do and people feel better immediately–even before they even start their new herbs, homeopathic remedies, or dietary recommendations!


I believe that this deck is the part of the evolution of what I can offer to my clients as part of a truly WHOLISTIC approach to well-being. I am ready to fully step into my role as Medicine Woman.


Though I have received a few oracle decks as gift (which is so lovely), this is the only deck I have bought for myself. This seems significant to me. I am ready to choose myself.


Today, before I sat to write this, I drew a card: Generosity. This is why I want to participate in your course. Nothing makes me feel better than helping another human. To share. To give. To pay it forward. I see myself using this deck with my clients to help bring clarity to their healing process-physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. But before I use a tool, I need to feel secure and confidant. In some ways, I know I have everything I need inside me, but like any skill, mastery takes time, practice, and familiarity. I hope to participate in your course so that I can use this beautiful tool to its highest ability.


It is time to pick up my career/calling and create something new that incorporates all the healing tools and modalities I have learned. It is time to support myself and my children financially. It is time to shine. It is time for radiance. It is time to blossom.


To receive this gift would be further confirmation that I am on the right path. Thank you for your consideration.



Haelie Shaw

Haelie Shaw - Transformation Oracle Scholarship Winner


Scholarship Winner


“There are two paths you can go by, but in the long run, there’s still time to change the road you’re on.” – Led Zeppelin


I grew up in an extremely toxic environment, due to most of my family members being sexually or emotionally abusive, or being apathetic towards doing anything to stop it. I was a product of this environment for a very long time. It wasn’t until I turned 17 and moved out that I was able to see outside of the darkness that shrouded my youth. When I removed myself from the situation, I slowly but surely began to clear all of the negative manifestations that were destroying my body and soul, including eating disorders, anxiety, drug abuse, depressive episodes, suicidal thoughts and attempts, negative and abusive relationships, addictive behaviors, etc.


Despite the toxic environment, I knew from a very young age that I was an empath and that I was destined for something greater. For most of my life I could not pinpoint what that something was, and it gnawed at me almost constantly. This anxiety doubled with a poor support system led to a multitude of forgotten dreams and suppressed creativity. I gave up on my aspirations and gave up on the hope that I would find fulfillment. My heart and soul were crying out, but I was blinded by fear and doubt.


What I can only describe as a spiritual awakening was the catalyst for my recent exponential growth. My entire life changed in one night, and my consciousness experienced a great expansion which allowed for the realization of the ultimate truth that I was in charge of my own reality. The changes that have occurred in my life and the light I feel emanating from within are so numerous and indescribable. This light paired with my empathic nature is ultimately what has led me to the realization that my purpose in this lifetime is to heal others on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. My soul is now reaching out for total fulfillment and grasping for knowledge on how to heal and lead the world towards a better future.


The Transformation Oracle deck is my deck of choice because of some amazing experiences that I have had, first was at a metaphysical fair where Sonya Shannon suggested that my boyfriend and I both try the Ruby deck. The readings that we received were so inspiring and meaningful and honestly, she completely blew us away with her incredible insight. I had been waiting for the right Oracle deck to come to me, and I saw this experience as the universe basically throwing this deck in my lap. Sonya’s blessing over the cards and amazing advice for our relationship are no doubt going to take our lives to the next level.


The second experience with this amazing deck happened just this morning. My dog Buttercup ran away and was missing for two days, my body was refusing to recover from sickness, and seemingly everything that could go the wrong direction was doing just that, including accidentally locking my keys inside my house. I eventually made it in through my bedroom window and grabbed my Ruby deck right away. I fell to my knees and gave myself a three card reading, asking my higher self why things were seemingly doomed for failure and if I was doing anything wrong to make it this way!


The first card, Purification, expressed to me that the negative feelings I was harboring were making me physically sick and I needed to let them go to return to health. The second card was Trickster, which expressed to me that the universe sometimes tests us with tricks and trials to remind us that things don’t always go as planned and that’s okay. The third card was Receptivity, which expressed to me that some of the issues and emotions I was facing were a manifestation of the negative energies that I absorb from others as an empath, and that I need to devote more time to clearing these energies. After this reading, I felt a wave of calm wash over me and I let all of the anxiety and fear wash away. Immediately after, I received a call that Buttercup had been found safe and sound. Throughout the day today I have felt better and better as time goes on, as well. This deck saved me from myself today!


I am currently working on paying off serious debt that was accrued by a previous partner with whom I cannot have any contact, due to a domestic violence charge and protection order.


Receiving this scholarship and being given the opportunity to learn more about love and healing would be the highlight of the year and undoubtedly a big highlight of my life! When I put my mind to something I give it my all no matter what, and I know that attending these workshops would be revolutionary for myself and for the lives that I would spread light to thereafter. Thank you so much for your time and hope to see you soon.


Thank you for your time and consideration.

Love and Light!


Haelie Louise Shaw


Haelie is a Transformation Oracle Certified Reader, and the author of:
Spirit Animals in the Transformation Oracle
My Revolution of Self – A Transformation Story.



Adryanna Kenna Sadge

Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Adryanna Kenna Sadge


Scholarship Winner


As an Intuitive Healer, I feel blessed to use my gifts to help so many different people by utilizing various energy healing modalities and intuitive readings. I also feel blessed to have re-awakened and deepened my connection with the Divine (Spirit, God, etc.). It is absolutely amazing to facilitate healing through my connection to the Divine, and I truly believe it would not be possible without the love and light of not only the Divine, but other healers and spiritual leaders throughout this community. Therefore, I am asking to receive the Scholarship for your upcoming Transformational Oracle Certified Reader workshop.


While I do my best to remain open to the guidance of the Divine during a healing and/or reading session, I feel that my current and future clients would greatly benefit from the knowledge gained via your workshop. I have owned and practiced reading Tarot and oracle cards since I was 18. I studied the books for each of the decks I procured throughout the years. I gave readings for “fun” to family members and friends – always with the book in hand.


I more recently, however, released the book from my clinging fingers and relied more heavily on my intuition and my connection to the Divine. Although I have had the pleasure of facilitating successful intuitive readings with clients, there have been moments where additional knowledge would have greatly benefited my clients.


I reviewed the beautiful, inspiring artwork of your Transformation Oracle deck online. The imagery allows space for intuitive guidance to flow. I would feel honored to be able to attend your workshop and learn more about each card.


Unfortunately, I am financially unstable at the moment. I opened my business back in July of this year. It was a leap of faith. Although I have had the privilege of serving clients throughout the past 4 months, I have not been successful enough to pay my living expenses. I most recently secured a job as a bartender for the stable income (and also to be able to apply for a business loan in the future). However, the business closed their doors a week ago. Although I am in the process of applying for unemployment and securing another job, I do not have the money to pay for my basic living expenses. Some may say that attending this workshop may not be the right or best solution at this time. However, I truly believe that the knowledge I receive from your class will not only help me connect better with my clients (present and future), but also with the Divine and myself.


In conclusion, I appreciate your consideration for a full scholarship to the workshop in December. If you were to grant me the scholarship, I promise to devote my time and energy to successfully completing the assignments and utilizing the knowledge to continue helping others. I am an ethical being and want to provide the best healing services possible to those in need of healing and guidance. Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you!


Adryanna Kenna Sadge


Adryanna is a Transformation Oracle Certified Reader, a Transformation Oracle Scholarship Committee member, and the author of:

A Path to Wisdom – A Transformation Story
How to Design a Spread Using Intuition



Michelle Whitehead

Michelle Whitehead, Transformation Oracle Certified Reader


Scholarship Winner


Dear Ms. Sonya,


I would like to apply for the scholarship that you offer for the Transformation Oracle Certified Reader class offered at Celebration in Colorado Springs on May 14th and May 15th. This is a class I have always dreamed of taking since I was young.


I have always had a feeling of wanting to help others in any way possible throughout my 49 years of life. Becoming a certified reader is one of many ways I feel I can help others. I have had many challenging trials and tribulation throughout my life that has made me the person I am today.


At this time, I am going through a divorce ending a 32 year marriage. Out of this marriage, I have two children, along with three grandchildren. I have always put my family, husband, and others first in everything I do or have done throughout my life. I feel that God and the Angels have walked me through each and every minute of my life preparing me for the opportunity to use my empath skills and learning to read cards will assist me in helping others in a positive way. As many others have, I have been through many wonderful times in life as well as bad times making me stronger each time I make it through each situation.


In July 2007 I chose to have a surgery which almost cost me my life. I spent more than 33 times in the hospital within a year after the surgery. I almost died twice and the third time while the doctors tried a procedure, I bled out on the operating table and they brought me back to life. Then a year later I was diagnosed with a rare disease. I have medication to assist in regulating my body now. This has caused me to be 100% disabled and unable to work a regular job.


During this time, I felt as if I was brought back to life to dedicate my life to helping others through their struggles and to pass on messages to others to help them. Being able to help others by becoming a certified card reader is another positive way to assist others in receiving messages to help them through their life and to serve God and the Angels.


I was working on my education and during the last 4 classes of my Doctoral degree is when all this happened. I was unable to complete the Doctoral program. On a positive note, I did complete my education through my Master’s Degree and some of the Doctoral degree.


I always try to find something positive in any and all situation regardless of what is going on. I believe we all have something to learn from each situation and other people as well as passing that knowledge on to help others. I hope and pray I am the one you choose for the scholarship so I can continue on my educational path to help others through the remainder of my life.


I would like to take this final opportunity to thank you, in advance, for taking the time to read this and if I am the blessed person to receive this scholarship I will work hard and give it everything I have to do the best I can to carry on your teachings in helping others. If someone else is chosen, I wish them the best and hope it helps them to move forward in a positive way helping themselves as well as others.


Michelle Whitehead


Michelle is a Transformation Oracle Certified Reader and the author of:

The Fire Element in Separation and Divorce
From Army to Spirituality a Levels of Being spread.



Rebecca Martinez

Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Rebecca Martinez


Scholarship Winner


Dear Sonya,


My name is Rebecca and I met you a few weekends ago at the Body Mind Spirit Celebration in Colorado Springs! Such a pleasure, by the way. Your art work is breath taking and completely captures the multiple faces of the Universe.


I am writing in regards to the scholarship for your workshop that you are offering. I am currently working for Denver Human Services as a case worker – working mostly with the homeless and disabled populations that are currently on government assistance such as food assistance and cash programs for the disabled. I work with a very diverse population and meet people from all walks of life each day.


I truly believe that my innate ability to connect with souls, regardless of their current situation or background, is what makes me a good fit in my position. My heart has always been pulled towards work the involves helping others in some form.


Over the course of the last 7 years or so, I have devoted my spare time towards discovering Who I Really Am. The connection I have found with the Divine and the realization that we are all One has given me a sense of peace unlike anything I have ever known (though the journey is always ongoing, as we are always evolving!).


Because of this, I find my heart is calling me to aid others in their own realization of Self in hopes of bringing peace to as many lives as I can touch. I have not found the opportunity (or maybe have been too afraid of the unknown) to step into a position to learn about how to aid others in their spiritual journey and not just the physical as I currently do.


I was immediately drawn to your soul as well as your art work and would love to have the opportunity to learn from you. It never hurts to go after what it is we truly want – light and love to you.


Rebecca Martinez


Rebecca is a Transformation Oracle Certified Reader, a frequent guest reader at Sonya Shannon’s shows and the author of:

Journey of Forgiveness – A Transformation Story.


DeVonne Brack

DeVonne Brack - Transformation Oracle Scholarship Winner


Scholarship Winner


I was born in this sleeve, so to speak, with a heightened level of awareness. I always knew there was more to life than what others said, and I had visions of a utopic Earth from an early age. I was pulled into 3D aspects for a while (teens to recently) and have been called back to spirituality. I am currently in my senior year of a biology degree, and though it has been informative in some aspects, spiritual teaching/healing is my true calling. I am an empath, and have had many people come to me for ‘help’ and I always try my best to assist. I feel that your workshop would help me gain the confidence necessary to use the oracle as a very useful tool in helping others. I know my calling is to help others, and I am excited to be able to assist at this transitional time! At times when I’m communicating with someone and get tuned in, I feel myself speaking, yet I know the words coming out of my mouth are not my own. They are always in love and light of course, they just aren’t from my own conscious thought process. I feel that this ability, mixed with the information I would learn at the workshop will be a huge key in my success to helping others, which is the most rewarding experience! I am striving to put myself and my abilities out there! I now understand that I am a Light Worker, and the struggle has been how to implement my abilities in a practical sense to help others.


Being an empath, Light Worker, Indigo/early Crystal, etc. I’ve had challenges to overcome to get to this point. I was born to a teenage mom, and my father left shortly after I was born. He came back around, and was in and out of my life for years. With this relationship, I witnessed emotional, mental, and physical abuse. I was also a victim of this when I was younger, as well as, sexual abuse. I battled with minor addictions, and was diagnosed with severe ADHD. I have always been drawn to naturopathy, and am in the process of incorporating this into my methodology of helping others, which will help raise the vibration of the planet as a whole as well! I truly feel that working with the oracle would help gain so much insight on what someone needs to heal fully, and encompassing that with naturopathic methods would be superb.


Through some inner work and meditation, I have been guided to your workshop in hopes to gain some amazing knowledge and techniques to assist others on their journey. I have always been guided to help others in need, but haven’t always had the tools or abilities to assist them. I truly feel that this workshop will be a huge way I can gain insight and help others in the best way possible.


I really felt a connection with you when I met you, and feel that you would be an amazing teacher and guide! I am unsure of exactly where my journey is going to go because I have a lot of ideas flowing currently, but I feel this is a great place to start! I would eventually LOVE to open a healing center where people could come and get the healing and help they need to fully embody their best possible version. I use crystals, herbs, aromatherapy, meditation, some yoga, and ritual work (cleansing, protecting, increase prosperity and love, etc.) currently. I also teach others who want to learn what I know about these processes and tools. I have a couple Tarot decks, and have used them for myself, family, and a few close friends. This is one of the areas I don’t have much confidence in because I haven’t fully connected with a deck enough, nor have I had the training to fully interpret a reading. The oracle cards that you created are wonderful! I felt called to them the moment I saw them. Each card has so many symbols and they seem more practical for where we are in the awakening today. I love the fact that they are transformation cards, as I feel that we all transform, and continue to do so with the new knowledge and perspectives that are offered to us at that time on our journey.


Being that I’m in school full-time still, I am not working; and my husband makes enough to pay the bills, but that’s about it. If I am awarded your scholarship, I will do all the mandated work required, and then some! I have a passion to learn, and this will be one of my favorite learning experiences yet! I have seen the messages in your artwork, and am thoroughly excited to see each of these cards up close and personal to fully understand them.


It would be an honor to learn a new skill to serve others for their highest and greatest of good with the phenomenal cards you’ve so graciously blessed us, along with the skills to provide an accurate and meaningful reading.


Thank you so much for your time and consideration!


With love and light,


DeVonne Brack



Deanna Kennelly

Scholarship Winner Deanna Kennelly


Scholarship Winner


Hi, my name is Deanna and I would absolutely love the opportunity to be granted a scholarship to become a Certified Transformation Oracle Reader. I have had the immense pleasure of using your magnificent creation, The Ruby Edition, which I recently received as a gift from a dear friend whom has raved over your class and spectacular cards. I must say that they are by far the best deck I have ever had the pleasure of owning.


I have made it through my entire life in survival mode, due to traumatic experiences beginning in early childhood. Sadly most of the life altering experiences came from bad decisions on my part, putting myself in unimaginable situations because I had no idea how to recover. I have had health problems since birth and was diagnosed with a new disease every couple of years — more than 14 diseases ranging from PTSD through lupus. Then came stage 4 breast cancer, gone into lymph nodes and glands. After several surgeries last year and 18 month of intensive intravenous chemo paired with The Healing Touch/ Reiki for cancer patients through The Life Spark program, my last Petscan was completely clear! I was so impressed by the phenomenal success of Reiki that I too became a Reiki Master/instructor. Reiki has completely changed my life.


My life’s purpose is to create a program that helps others heal as I was helped. I never imagined that I would recover the loss of my 16 yr old son who overdosed on drugs and alcohol, or heal the traumas of being abused every kind of way imaginable, the loss of my breast and 8 surgeries in the past year but I did it. Now it’s time to help others recover from their traumatic experiences, pain and suffering. I want to learn as much as I possibly can to assist others for their highest and greatest of good. I believe that incorporating the Transformation Oracle Certification will give the clients some much needed help and guidance. The cards have been helpful beyond my wildest dreams and I ask for their guidance on my every decision, which is why I am currently applying for your scholarship. Despite numerous failed attempts to write this application, your cards continue to be supportive of applying — even though I am adjusting to new medication.


Long ago, I wanted to be a pediatric RN, but harsh life lessons experiences prevented me from pursuing my dreams of helping heal those whom are ill. I am happy to say that I will be eternally grateful for the cancer diagnosis because without it I would not have discovered Reiki. Now I can help other to help themselves by giving and teaching Reiki, along with life coping skills and grief recovery skills. So many of us block out bad memories and self medicate rather than come to terms and heal these traumas. I have been blessed beyond belief since I have faced my traumatic experience, allowed myself to feel it, heal it and let it go. I have filled it in with love, light, happiness and compassion.


It would be an honor to learn a new skill to serve others for their highest and greatest of good with the phenomenal cards you’ve so graciously blessed us, along with the skills to provide an accurate and meaningful reading.


Thank you for your time and consideration.




Deanna Kennelly



Sheri Lyn Stepp

Partial Scholarship Winner


Hello Sonya,


My name is Sheri Lyn Stepp and I would like to apply for the scholarship to become a Transformational Oracle Certified Reader class at Celebrations in May.


There are a few reasons why. The first one is because the moment I saw your art work I was so touched. To me, your art bridges the connect between the earthly and etheric planes and for me it was such a comforting feeling.


Another reason is because Spirit has been very “loud” about your cards, you, and your art work. What I mean by loud is that I need to have the cards, I need to learn from you, and I need to connect you with my mother-in-law. The only reason I didn’t purchase the cards that day was due to limited funds. And, to be honest, the only reason I’m applying for the scholarship is for the same reason. Otherwise, I would have just paid for it the minute I received the announcement from Celebrations.


And now for a bit of my “story” and more reasons why I am applying for the scholarship.


The last year and a half has been the most trying time of my life. There are many reasons why. One thing clearly is financial hardship. The important thing is meeting you on the 8th at the Body Mind Spirit Celebration Event, has become a light for me. I feel becoming a Certified Reader and meeting you is a critical piece of the Transformation I am currently experiencing.


The day before I met you I was informed by my doctor that I may be facing a potentially serious health challenge. I don’t have a definite diagnosis as I need to have more testing. So when I saw your artwork, then we spoke, and then you had me draw that card, Wisdom, it was like all the tumblers fell into place and the validations started coming. 4 is a significant # for me and 4s were all around. And that Wisdom card, it said so much! That I have the wisdom and strength to move through what ever this health issue is. And the sword with the fire! It let me know I can conquer anything I am faced with.


I could just go on and on about how much everything meant to me, the comfort I felt being with you and your art. I truly feel taking this class is one of the keys I need to rise above and transmute all of the junk I have endured over the last 18 months and am currently facing. Thank you for bringing your work to life for me to experience! I look forward to seeing you soon.


With infinite love and light,


Sheri Lyn Stepp



Abigail Mensah-Bonsu

Partial Scholarship Winner


Hello Sonya,


Ever since I saw your art mounted up, I was so drawn to it and its higher vibrational resonance. And then when I found out there were card decks, I had to get one.


I had been asking the universe to provide me with an oracle deck or Tarot with high frequency as my own that vibes with me. And that’s the time I was guided to the Transformation Oracle deck. I got it and it never leaves my side. I pull a card everyday in the morning and I love doing readings with them. They have a way of revealing all dimensions of our beings. And they heal. It is a multidimensional tool that is able to transform with me and bring transformation to all it comes in contact with. They are active and conscious and my soul completely loves it.


I have also been drawn to take the class to be certified in it, in order to really dive into the mysteries of its magic. I’m ready to dive in deeper into the mysteries of the cards and myself. It would be a great honor to be gifted the classes and the ability to learn more about the magic of this conscious, high vibrational tool.


Thank you and looking forward to being in class to learn.


With much love & gratitude,


Abigail Mensah-Bonsu, MSTCM



Amanda Montoya

Partial Scholarship Winner


Hi Sonya


I received an email with information about the Tarot card reading workshop and was ecstatic! I have been looking for a class in town to help strengthen my practice. I’d like to share some of my story with you, as I am interested in the scholarship you are offering.


I have been on a spiritual journey now, since 2013. I was led to yoga teacher training by a friend. It opened so many doors for me and I felt like I was finally moving toward my calling as a healer.


At the time, I didn’t know that’s what it was I was being led to, but since then I have taken multiple workshops on various topics. I am a Reiki Master practitioner, Level 1 healing touch practitioner, certified yoga instructor, and I am currently in massage therapy school.


I am dedicated to helping people learn more about themselves and their true life mission. Tarot has helped me in various, important times in my life and I would love to incorporate it more with my clients as part of their healing sessions. I have been drawn to Tarot lately and have purchased a few decks. I try and read up on the meanings of each card, but feel a little overwhelmed with all of the information out there and it seemed to interfere with my readings. Lately I have been really trying to lead with my intuition and that seems to be where the problem was.


As a single mother of three kids, funds are always a little tight. With me being a new student, I have been forced to pull back from my full time job, which, as you can imagine, has made my wallet that much lighter. I have been very blessed to have been given many opportunities to take all of the classes and workshops I have taken. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and for giving people the opportunity to take your workshop for free. I look forward to hearing from you soon.