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Descent card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle

2 – Earth
Guide Book – page 13 and 53
Artwork – “Treasure Hunt”

Step down from ways that no longer support you.

The image on this card is a buccaneer climbing down into a cavern, but it could as easily be a long-time spouse giving back the wedding ring, a person leaving the office with their stuff in a box, a homeowner turning over the keys after foreclosure, or someone in hospital covered head to toe in a cast after an accident. Yup, it’s about going into the darkness alright.

If you drew this card, you’re headed in the right direction—believe it or not! Going down is going to lead you to a gold mine of new experiences and new forms of wealth. Sometimes an accident is a wakeup call that gives you a whole new approach to health and wellness—and a longer, happier life! Getting fired from a job may be the best thing that happens on the way to a whole new—and more suitable—career. The romantic breakup opens the possibility of a true soul mate coming into your life. And so on.

Generally, descent is the gateway to a much better future. It’s about shining the light on your personal treasure trove.

Reversed Meaning

When this card appears inverted, it generally means you want an easy fix. You’re hoping for a quick solution and it’s a challenge to face going further down. There’s a danger you’re going to do something compulsive to prevent the natural course of events. If you have addictions, you may be at risk of a relapse or slip. Check the other cards in your spread or draw a new card for signals on how to prevent making the situation worse.

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