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How to do Spreads
Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Robbie Klarer

Robbie Klarer

April 2019 “I am known for my resourcefulness, spiritual insight, knowledge, kindness and care, as well as providing quality service in reading, healing, business coaching, graphic design and website implementation. I believe that I am here to be of service to others, to love, care and encourage them and am often given an opportunity to [...]

Jason Antalek Phases of Transformation Video

Read Phases of Transformation in a Spread

by Jason Antalek, Akashaman By reading the Phases, we deepen our insights as readers and find new connections to offer our seekers.The Eight Phases of Transformation provide considerable depth for the reader and insight for the seeker. In this video, I outline the Eight Phases of Transformation and noteworthy cards in each phase. I then [...]

How to lay out cards for the Yes/No Spread

Yes/No Questions

How to do a Yes/No Question Spread This spread uses the four elements to give Yes/No and Maybe answers. It can be done with any deck that has four suits. The Yes/No Spread is ideally suited to the Transformation Oracle. Quick, Clear Answers to Simple Questions Instructions Shuffle the cards, and when you are ready, [...]

Transformation Oracle Element Balancing Spread

Element Balancing

How to do an Element Balancing Spread This spread uses the four elements to help you see the balance between body, heart, mind and spirit. It is unique to the Transformation Oracle and was channeled when the cards were created. The Element Balancing Spread helps you see the current snapshot of your life. Sometimes a [...]