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Assignment #2 • Element Balancing Spread

The Element Balancing Spread is the second assignment required to become a Certified Transformation Oracle Reader.

Check out these instructions for the Element Balancing Spread.

The purpose of this assignment is to ensure that you know how to read the elements, phases of transformation, and symbols in each card. The Element Balancing Spread can be done with any Seeker. No question is required.

If you complete your certification, this assignment in addition to Assignment #3 • Free Choice Spread gives Seekers an example of your reading style.

Element Balancing is also a core spread used in the advanced Relationship Spread.

Overall Insights

by Amber Golshani, Dr. Amber Golshani Element Balancing Spread Seeker is looking for overall insights into her life. She indicates she has a lot going on but doesn’t explain further. Upon turning over the cards, I was able to see that she had one card of each element, indicating balance between body, mind, spirit, and [...]

Julie Stevens Element Balancing Spread

Leaving Mom to Live With Dad

by Julie Stevens Element Balancing Spread JB is a 16 year old male from a split family. He was considering leaving his mom and moving in with his dad, who lives in another state. His Element Balancing Spread was balanced with the four elements. Quite a state of being at such a young age! Although [...]

Jason Antalek Element Balancing Spread

Rebalancing After A Move

by Jason Antalek, Akashaman Element Balancing Spread The seeker that received this Element Balancing Reading is an ongoing client from my Akashic Record Reading practice. A single woman in her early twenties, she is exploring her way in the world. Having recently moved to Denver to find work as a waitress, the seeker’s options for [...]

Element Balancing Spread by Cheryl Mlcoch

Surviving Bullying

by Cheryl Mlcoch, The Wounded Healer Element Balancing Spread This reading was done for a 13-year-old male who was desiring to know if he was more balanced in his life at this point after having a couple of years of struggle in middle school. My Reading / Interpretation At first glance, I see all four [...]

Element Balancing Spread with the Transformation Oracle

Leaving Home

by Sandy Schneider, Empowering Choices Element Balancing Spread This spread was done for a teen attending college, working and now getting her own apartment with her best friend in June or July 2016. The phases of transformation are very apparent, since in the morning her element balancing reading was three air cards and one water [...]