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Leaving Home

Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Blue Ribbon

by Sandy Schneider, Empowering Choices

Element Balancing Spread

This spread was done for a teen attending college, working and now getting her own apartment with her best friend in June or July 2016. The phases of transformation are very apparent, since in the morning her element balancing reading was three air cards and one water card and she was planning to make calls and look at places. Later in the day I decided to do a second reading for my assignment and since she had taken action on calling and talking to apartment managers it was different and interesting because the exact same air cards came up again and the fire element showed she had taken action.

My Reading / Interpretation

Element Balancing Spread with the Transformation OracleThe first impression of this spread is that she is experiencing a new transition in her life, going through phases of growth and dealing with the loss of childhood, which she does not want to let go of completely. The spread shows a Double Emphasis in Air and Fire (REBIRTH, RENOVATION, REVERSAL, TEMPTATION)

This reading is reflecting her questions regarding her future and how to pay for everything, she is now applying for a higher paying job so she can afford the rent.

The REBIRTH fire element card is interesting because three girls originally planned to move in together yet one of the friends decided to stay home since her parents told her there was no need to leave; so the sleeping girl represents the girl who will stay with her family. The two other teens are venturing out on their own, everything will be a fresh start similar to spring where planting, watering, and nurturing are the seeds to becoming an adult. The rainbow of colors on the card make me feel that God and his angels are watching and helping her to manifest her desires to become an independent woman and finding her purpose in life.

The RENOVATION fire element card is about packing up her belongings and leaving home for the first time. She is headed in a new direction. Fire dancing on the card represents a time to feel joy and excitement as she starts this journey! Burning the cloth to ash as she transitions into a new phase of life. The red moon is her strong passion to be independent and to explore life.

The REVERSAL air element card she feels like everything is up in the air – juggling logic, thoughts, feelings ideas, pros and cons. A period of unpredictable experiences… Will it work out? Will it fail? Will I get along with my roommate? Will we be able to afford it? Will I get a new job? This card encourages her to balance yin and yang by remaining strong and flexible, adapting and being resourceful and to be thankful for each learning curve.

The TEMPTATION air element card she is excited and curious yet still tempted to not go through the portal of change. She is reaching back to her childhood and wishing she could stay a little longer. She wants to test out adulthood, experiment and hold on to her carefree days.

Additional Symbol Interpretations


The circle symbol in the Transformation OracleThe sacred geometry of the CIRCLE represents a beginning that has no end: a time of unlimited potential and infinite possibility. The advice is to create her intentions and pray. God will say yes, no or maybe. The sun, moon, stars were circle symbols in this teen’s cards.

Ferris Wheel & Carousel

Transformation Oracle Cards - Artwork DetailsIn the TEMPTATION card, I read the Ferris Wheel as a special kind of circle. The closest sacred geometry that represented the Ferris wheel that I found was Metatron’s cube and the Nonagon. METATRON’S CUBE I interpret as balancing the yin and yang of her inner life, supporting harmony and creativity in the REVERSAL card. It is a metaphor for all problem solving. The NONAGON means completion of a cycle of life, while standing at the gateway of a brand new life experience. The advice is to get ready for this exciting adventure. (Reference: Sacred Geometry by Francene Hart)

The CAROUSEL symbolizes spinning in a circle ….she can ride the carousel as a child or she can ride it as an adult, it is all in her perspective and how she views life changes. The circle goes on forever and she will be able to revisit her childhood spirit anytime she chooses. It may represent that she can get off or stay on the childhood merry-go-round any time she wants to find a solution.


On the CAROUSEL in the TEMPTATION card is the symbol of the HORSE. When horse shows up, she is about to embark on an unexpected adventure, and once it is initiated it will move very quickly. She will need to call upon her reserves of stamina and strength to get her through this life change. This situation requires strong warrior energy, balanced with sensitivity, patience and compassion.

My final advice to this teen is that teamwork with family and friends is essential right now.

Sandy Schneider, Transformation Oracle Certified Reader

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