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Get Started with the Transformation Oracle

Transformation Oracle card set showing

The Transformation Oracle boxed set includes 44 divination cards and a 68-page Guide Book including spreads and interpretations of the cards.

Let’s Begin!

Tune Into Your Deck

Like other divination card oracles, the Transformation Oracle reveals metaphysical information about your questions. It’s important to get to know your deck and make it “yours” before doing readings.

When you first open your Transformation Oracle set, take a moment to bring the cards into alignment with your personal energy and space. Hold the deck near your heart, or raise it up to your brow. Become ready to receive its wisdom and to connect with the spirit guides and entities trying to communicate with you through this deck. Ask for the blessings of the messages you are about to receive.

Take several moments to familiarize yourself with each card in the deck. Let the artwork and the word on each card speak to you. Notice your feelings. Then gather the cards back together and repeat the process of holding them near your heart and/or brow point.

Now, take a deep breath. You are ready to begin!


Hand holding transformation oracle divination cards

How to Pull a Single Card

Shuffle the deck as you concentrate on the question or issue that’s up for you. Take as long as you want shuffling the cards. It’s important to focus on your issue!

When you feel ready, use your intuition to pull a card from the deck. Turn it over and experience the artwork and word on the card. This card will give you insights and meaningful guidance about your question.

Use your intuition to get the initial meaning. Notice the card’s background. What element does it belong to? Take a moment to experience how that element relates to your situation. Is it about your possessions and health (Earth)? Your feelings, dreams and intuitions (Water)? Your thought patterns and ideas (Air)? Or certain actions and spiritual realizations (Fire)?

Turn to the page for your card in the guide book to get details about the card and how it relates to your issue. The cards are listed in alphabetical order, based on the word on each card.

Cards That “Jump” from the Deck

Sometimes one or more cards “jump” out of the deck. It may seem like an “accident” or something unintended, but cards jump out for a reason: they WANT you to see their messages!In addition to contemplating the image and word on the card, use the 68-page guidebook to get details about what the card means and how it relates to your issue.