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2019 Workshop Schedule

Author Sonya Shannon


May 4-5 • 2019 - DENVER
SAVE! Only $185 before April 7, 2019
$220 after April 7, 2019

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Transformation Oracle Product

Transformation Oracle Deck

The Ruby Edition amplifies power, love, abundance and divine connection. Vibrates at the frequency of Spiritual Royalty.



Complete Your Certification

PRACTICAL WORK   $95  |  Your own timeframe (Not included in Weekend Intensive Workshop)



Sonya Shannon Visionary Art
"Your cards are a huge source of support and guidance. Thank you - I truly feel the Universe had my need in mind—along with many others—when it led you to create your beautiful artwork and Transformation Cards."
Sonya Shannon Visionary Art
"The Transformation Oracle is the most beautiful, intriguing and inspiring source of support and guidance for anyone's journey. I felt the magic and mystic power the minute I opened the box! I love that the spreads and perspectives to ponder are endless. It's a lifetime of love and loveliness for my soul!"


Exclusive Facebook Group!

Facebook Private Group

You are invited to share your spread with other mystics, seekers, and Transformation Oracle readers! This safe, private group on Facebook gives you a forum to take a photo of your spread and upload it. Browse the Transformation Oracle group on Facebook to see how others have interpreted spreads.



History & Editions

1st Edition

August 2014

100 copies – about 35 went to models

45 Cards

Special Features

Tuck box

Stapled booklet

Square cornered cards


DESCENT (2 Earth) – dark cave, dark exterior

SEPARATION (11 Earth) – dark sky, dark dress on the Queen of Night

PURIFICATION (2 Fire) – no atmosphere around woman; breast showing

REFLECTION (4 Fire) – no make-up on woman’s face, more subtle connection with Universe

REBIRTH (11 Fire) – stars and faerie magic on woman waking

EXTRA CARD – Advertisement for sonya-shannon.com (pictured below)




2nd Edition

October 2014

100 Copies

44 cards

Special Features

First time the Oracle was hand-packaged by Sonya Shannon

Black jewel box with gold organza carry bag

Perfect bound booklet

Oracle appeared for sale on sonya-shannon.com


DESCENT (2 Earth) – exterior lighter and more purple; lantern glows brighter

SEPARATION (11 Earth) – colorful clouds, brighter sky on right, more detail in Queen’s dress

PURIFICATION (2 Fire) – green haze around woman’s shoulders and arms

REFLECTION (4 Fire) – makeup added to woman’s face; green starlight connects woman to Universe


Transformation Oracle Facebook Group

February 2015

Started with about 20 members


3rd Edition

March 2015

100 Copies

44 cards

Special Features

First booklet to announce Closed Facebook Group

Cards lighter, more saturated / intensely colored


REBIRTH (11 Fire) – rainbows near rake tines and woman waking


First Transformation Oracle Workshop

Spring 2015


4th Edition

May 2015

100 Copies

44 cards

Special Features

Booklet margins changed to print perfectly in center of each page

Card backs completely symmetrical

Circle of Life and glowing light added to center of card backs



5th Edition

October 2015

150 Copies

44 cards


First Certified Readers

December 2015

First Scholarship Graduate – Grandmother Wahseh

First Certified Reader – Cheryl Mlcoch


6th Edition

April 2016

150 Copies

44 cards

Special Features

First time all decks blessed with Divinity by Pixi’s Potions and Pearls


New Website

January 2017

Website moved to transformation-oracle.com


7th Edition – Diamond Rainbow Edition

April 2017

150 Copies

44 cards

Special Features

Card back and front package includes diamond rainbow design


STUCK (1 Water) – spider web encircles young woman


8th Edition – RUBY Edition

February 2018

150 Copies

44 cards

Special Features

Ruby is the 8th and FINAL boutique printing of the Transformation Oracle. The number 8, itself shaped like the symbol for INFINITY (the lemniscate), means endless flowing of power, abundance, love and most importantly, connection with the Divine.


EARTH and WATER, the two downward moving elements, have big changes in their final cards (11). The relationship of EARTH and WATER is changing as we enter the Aquarian Age. As the polar ice caps melt, there is more water freed up that was formerly ice. The turbulence between all the elements, seen in more intense hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, wildfires, and drought reflects these changes.


The RUBY Transformation Oracle vibrates at the number 8 and opens your connection to Divinity and to your birthright as Spiritual Royalty. If you have found this deck now, there is a reason: you are bringing positivity, Light, healing and hope to those who need to be uplifted as we transition into the New Age.


The ruby energy infuses the box front and back and the card backs.



DISCOVERY (3 Earth) – grandfather spirit larger

FORGIVENESS (9 Earth) – ruby cosmos background

SEPARATION (11 Earth) – new clouds & clothing for Queen of Night


RECEPTIVITY (3 Air) – high vibration color sworls


PURIFICATION (2 Fire) – original artwork of woman hugging earth

PERSPECTIVE (5 Fire) – focus added to artwork elements and card meaning


RESURRECTION (7 Water) – mermaids more distinct

CELEBRATION (11 Water) – dancing cowgirl larger



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