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Grandmother Wahseh – In Memorium

Grandmother Wahseh, Transformation Oracle Certified Reader

May 2017

Reader of the Month Scholarship Seal 2015
Transformation Oracle
"It is very clear to me the Transformation Oracle deck was channeled and created with great Love and Care. My readings for clients reflect that love. It is a positive, loving message to all who take the time to look and listen. There is no doom and gloom, no matter what layout I use. Even the reversed cards merely show our challenges or areas we need to grow or bring into balance. It is the perfect tool to use in your spiritual journey."
Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Blue Ribbon

Grandmother Wahseh, Anishinaabeg Elder
White Earth Chippewa Nation

  • Spirit Path Readings using the Transformation Oracle
  • Sacred Energy Clearing / Balancing
  • Gitchi Manitou House Blessings / Clearnings
Grandmother Wahseh

Grandmother Wahseh, the very first Transformation Oracle Certified Reader, at the Colorado Springs BMSE Fair.

Remembering Grandmother Wahseh

Transformation Oracle
"As a Native American, Anishinaabeg, the use of the four elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Air correlates to my own sense of spirituality, especially the Medicine Wheel. It is a deck that speaks the truth to me. It is a barometer of your own spiritual growth, gently moving you to new heights and brighter lights. I am shown where I am not in balance on my own spiritual journey, and the deck shows me, very clearly what my clients need to know. It is very empowering for both the reader and the client!"

GRANDMOTHER WAHSEH was known for Native American blessings and guidance, using oracle, animal, and traditional spirit energies. She resided in the Greater Denver area (Thornton) and was a reader at metaphysical and Native fairs around the region.

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