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Element Balancing

How to do an Element Balancing Spread

This spread uses the four elements to help you see the balance between body, heart, mind and spirit. It is unique to the Transformation Oracle and was channeled when the cards were created. The Element Balancing Spread helps you see the current snapshot of your life. Sometimes a particular area is emphasized or may be in strong focus. Other times, the balance is seen between all four areas of body, heart, mind, and spirit. Check out some of our Certified Readers’ examples!

A great way to balance your life!


Transformation Oracle Element Balancing SpreadPlace the four cards in the Element Balancing spread in a clockwise circle.[/caption]

Shuffle the cards, and when you are ready, pull four cards and lay them in a clockwise circle (shown at left). The Element Balancing spread gives you a snapshot of your current state of being. The four cards give a metaphysical “scan.”

Notice the four elements in your spread. Do you have one card in each element? If so, then you or the person you are reading for (the “Seeker”) are pretty balanced! Are there two, three, or more cards in one element? If so, notice which element is “up” and determine what aspect of being it relates to. Consider body (material possessions, home, health), heart (feelings, intuition, deep beliefs, relationships), mind (ideas, thoughts, philosophy, attitudes), or spirit (energy, activities, life vision, destiny, soul path)

Interpreting the Element Balancing Spread

The relevance of all four cards is equal, so all should be given equal consideration. They’re happening simultaneously and interacting with one another. Because the four elements relate to body, heart, mind and spirit, you will see where your energy is going – or where you may want to put more intention. Often, the Element Balancing spread confirms what you (or your Seeker) already surmise about the situation. Look closely at the art and Guide Book interpretations for deeper insights. Be sure to “connect the dots” between the cards. How do the cards relate to one another—and the current situation? What similarities do you notice in the four images? In the meanings?

“Balanced” vs. “Imbalanced” Spreads

Balanced vs. Imbalanced Element Balancing Spread

LEFT – An Element Balancing Spread in which all four elements are present is considered “balanced” because the four elements equally serve body, mind, heart, and spirit.

RIGHT – When all cards belong to a single element, the spread is considered “imbalanced,” since it addresses only one aspect of being. In this case, Water and heart/emotions dominate the reading. There may be no room for any other concern in the Seeker’s life, relative to his or her question. An “imbalanced” spread is not necessarily a bad thing, and doesn’t mean “unbalanced” in the unhealthy sense. All four cards in a single element simply means the Seeker is already paying close attention to one element, or there is an excessive concern with that area to the exclusion of others. Use your intuition to guide you as the Reader. Which elements are missing? What do they suggest about the Seeker’s situation?

Two vs Three Cards in A Single Element

Emphasis vs. Focus in Element Balancing Spread

LEFT – An Element Balancing spread with two cards in the same element emphasizes that element or area of concern. In this case, the emphasis is on thinking/mind and the Air element. Notice the absence of one element. Which is missing?

RIGHT – When three cards appear in one element, there is a strong focus on that area. In this example, the focus is on the Fire element, which concerns spirit and action. The remaining card from another element (in this case Earth), is sometimes the key to the reading. Which elements are missing? Might those areas of concern be omitted from the reading? Why or why not?

Check out some of our Certified Readers’ examples!