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Cheryl Mlcoch

Cheryl Mlcoch, Transformation Oracle Certified Reader

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Transformation Oracle
"The Transformation Oracle Deck is truly captivating and grabs at the very essence of our life experiences. Allowing yourself to go deeper within the deck will truly help you take your readings to the next level! Sonya takes you on an intimate journey within each card and shares some of her priceless channeled experiences. She teaches you invaluable skills to see each card in it's true form and gives you personal insight to help you on your spiritual path. Be ready to be transformed in your own life as well! Don't wait another day to expand your vision, be enlightened, and have a Master Healer & Artist at your fingertips."
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Cheryl Mlcoch
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CHERYL MLCOCH helps trauma survivors nurture self-love through education, inner-child healing, sharing & laughter!

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