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Rebalancing After A Move

Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Blue Ribbon

by Jason Antalek, Akashaman

Element Balancing Spread

The seeker that received this Element Balancing Reading is an ongoing client from my Akashic Record Reading practice. A single woman in her early twenties, she is exploring her way in the world. Having recently moved to Denver to find work as a waitress, the seeker’s options for living arrangements were slim. As a result, she agreed to rent a room in a small two bedroom basement apartment. She came to me for guidance on freeing herself from the “stuck” feeling she was experiencing in several areas of her life. Having somewhat lost touch with her spiritual side, amplifying her connection was part of the goal. In order to find peace and balance in her life the seeker was willing to dig deep into her Akashic Records to reveal all that was in her highest good. For the reading, I used the Transformation Oracle cards as portals to amplify the Akashic information.

At the time she was working through the homework provided to her from her reading. The 21 Day Transmutation of Energy process is about clearing blocks and restrictions while releasing energies that are no longer congruent with the seeker’s highest good. At the point I did this reading, the seeker had just returned from taking a few days away in the mountains to get a clear head about her current situation. The seeker was suffering from bouts of anxiety, helplessness and feeling stuck. Seemingly trapped in her current living arrangement, her creativity and clarity had all but dissolved.

My Reading / Interpretation

Akashic Element Balancing with the Transformation OracleThe first noticeable quality represented with this layout is balance, with each element represented. Before the time away, the seeker was unclear what to do next or how to do it. The effort around addressing and releasing energies resulted in the LIBERATION from her circumstances. She gained deeper understanding by reaching beyond the day to day and realigning with her true self. The seeker experienced surrender within herself and re-discovered that she held Divinity in her heart.

The seeker began to see her Divine connection in glimmers at first. Then she realized that her INTUITION was benefiting from journaling her vivid dreams. By recording her experiences in the astral realms she was starting to “bring back” the information that resulted in a better grasp of things during her waking hours. A very emotionally charged situation had calm waters in her mind.

There was excitement in her voice as she expressed her desires to quickly change her situation. TEMPTATION was present to test her resolve to act differently this time. In her mind she was moving hastily to resolve her situation. Here she was reminded to slow down, take some time to think it all through. If there is anything “not right” in your mind or heart it warrants a second look.

Wondering what to do next, the seeker asked, “How does all this shake out if I am balanced?” SEPARATION was a desired outcome. By moving away, disentangling herself, the seeker felt that her foothold could be restored. She could enjoy the endless possibilities available when she was free of what had been dragging her down.


There were obvious benefits of her jaunt to the mountains to recharge. Before she left there was a lack of harmony. She has continued to progress through her journey and she has found some peace in her life. With new living arrangements secured, she has been able to relax. She is still taking quick mountain trips to keep herself balanced.

Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Jason Antalek

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