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Leaving Mom to Live With Dad

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by Julie Stevens

Element Balancing Spread

JB is a 16 year old male from a split family. He was considering leaving his mom and moving in with his dad, who lives in another state. His Element Balancing Spread was balanced with the four elements. Quite a state of being at such a young age! Although a balanced spread with all four elements, quite a lot was going on for him to consider. He was approaching a time when he had the power to make significant decisions that could deeply affect his life, and was feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

My Reading / Interpretation

Julie Stevens Transformation Oracle Reading - Element Balancing SpreadThe reading starts with an Ending card, REVERSAL. Air cards are all about our thoughts and ideas and how we reason things out. JB was very much in his head right now, trying to make “the right” decision; a decision that would impact not only his life, but his family’s. Choose and choose again, I reminded him. He may wish to reverse a path/choice, or he may make a U turn midway. I suggested that he “think” with his heart and not his head for this decision. Lead from the heart…

RECYCLE Earth cards reflect our foundations: our homes, physical beingness and abundance in our lives. Craft the life you want by choosing a firm foundation on which to build this life. All the elements are contained in this one card, very potent indicator that a well balanced life can be created if JB comes at life from a place of love. He needs to take the time and introspection to learn what will give him sustenance, true happiness, joy and peace, and weave that into the balanced life he craves. Refinement in spades!

INTUITION Water cards: the heart space, emotions, love and faith. JB has deep feelings and is a natural deep thinker and feeler. This card speaks to unresolved issues, wounds and the need for closure. Closure so a new life can begin, or a new way of living can begin. Emotions need to be acknowledged in order to be released; wounds cleansed and cared for so healing can begin. No shallowness here, just deep waters. This card felt like JB was a ping-pong ball, going back and forth from one parent to the other, which meant significantly changing his life with each shift and it felt as though it was wearing him out! Accumulating wounds along the way, collected and stored away. It doesn’t matter that other people tell him to “buck up” or “grow up” and shake it off; it matters what JB feels and processes. It matters that he moves through these wounds and finds release. What one of us as a teenager hasn’t had some kind of angst? It takes time and maturity to work through these years. I suggested that JB acknowledge his feelings to avoid an overwhelming emotional flood, but also the need to take action, after careful consideration, so as not to allow himself to be frozen in place.

PERSPECTIVE Fire cards are spirit, ambitions, and creativity fired up from within. It’s not all about you, and yet, it is! Let the fire in your spirit burn out the shadows and light you up! Ah, there it is, it’s all so clear now! Put yourself first, resist reacting to someone else’s pain; do not allow their unresolved issues to impede your life. JB needs a change in perspective from outward to inward, focusing on himself. Again the guidance to get out of his head (the merry-go-round) and be guided by his heart. See the situation from the vantage point of looking back from your future life…imagine your life playing out before your eyes; all angles, all choices…see your future and go after the one future that makes your spirit soar!


After the Element Balancing spread, JB had another question, so a Yes/No Spread followed. Well, this wasn’t much help for JB as the answer was “maybe.” However, I believe that to be correct, as he asked the question not for himself, but for others…how will they feel and deal with his decision? Well, it all depends on how they choose to feel. There may be guilt slung around, blame, sorrow, abandonment, but that isn’t his to own. A hard concept to embrace for a teen who is sensitive and caring about his family.

HARVEST, an Earth card. Foundation will be affected-home, where is home? A time to harvest the seeds that were sowed. Were the seeds well tended? Did they receive adequate sun and water to grow healthy and strong? This speaks strongly of a young man coming of age. Who will he be? Where will he put down roots? Earth: home, possessions, the body, where the body is founded.

INTEGRATION, an Air card. Sometimes truth is whatever one decides it is, and that is the truth! Incorporating the child-self into an adult-self. A change point in life, with so much potential. Air: the mind-deciding how to “be” what to feel, what are your personal truths, new ideas, always active at this point; changeable.

STRENGTHEN, a Fire card. The sense that he will (and perhaps others) will come out of this stronger in spirit. Let your spirit shine forth, lighting up the goal; see success. Fire: spirit, expansive and unstoppable! To grasp the truth of ones spirit is freeing from all limitations.


JB made the decision to relocate to his dad’s house for the school year. I ask the Light and Angels to bless him along the way.

Julie Stevens, Transformation Oracle Certified Reader

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