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Surviving Bullying

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by Cheryl Mlcoch, The Wounded Healer

Element Balancing Spread

This reading was done for a 13-year-old male who was desiring to know if he was more balanced in his life at this point after having a couple of years of struggle in middle school.

My Reading / Interpretation

At first glance, I see all four elements so this meant he was more BALANCED.

Element Balancing Spread by Cheryl Mlcoch

Card 1 / LIBERATION (Fire) – I immediately felt he has more passion and a sense of freedom that he hasn’t had in a long time. He is beginning to see hope for his future (star of hope) due to nearing his completion of middle school. He has “done his time” and passed the test! He is learning to ‘break the chains’ of his pattern of being pessimistic, angry at school and with other kids his age, defensive, having a low self-image, and overall freedom from bullying.

Card 2 / RESURRECTION (Water) – The ‘fog has lifted’. No longer has a feeling of drowning or being trapped in his pain. He is bringing that fragmented part of himself ‘back to life’. Overall, he is feeling more calm, less anger, and opening his heart again to show more of his true colors. He LOVED the photo of the man fishing because that is one of his main outlets for calming his mind.

Card 3 / IMMIGRATION (Air) – His negative thoughts of himself and others are decreasing. Feeling more hopeful about his future in high school where he can be around more mature kids. He is doing his best not to judge others as he has been judged – forgiveness of others on some level due to understanding their level of maturity. He knows he can relate, so his heart is beginning to balance out. He noted that he still struggles with getting close to other kids his age, but he is trying to find common ground and be less judgmental.

Card 4 / DISCOVERY (Earth) – He is more grounded to the planet and has a desire to be here again. His depression has decreased. He is realizing he has taken many things for granted and this has opened his eyes to other options. He no longer feels so alone and has renewed purpose. He needs to be aware of anything else he may have overlooked. He is discovering new talents within himself and this will open new connections with other people. This self-discovery is a new phase of his journey!

His response to the reading:

The young male agreed with this interpretation and was grateful to hear that his hard work was paying off. He seemed to be aware that this was something he had to continue to nurture in his life in order to not fall back into the old patterns. He stated he was very excited about high school and his new hobbies!! He greatly hated middle school and was bullied off and on the entire time. He never felt like he could relate to the kids his age and disliked the overall immaturity and lack of compassion from them. He is looking forward to this new phase of his life.

Cheryl Mlcoch, Transformation Oracle Certified Reader

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