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From Army to Spirituality

Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Blue Ribbon

by Michelle Whitehead, Transformation Oracle Certified Reader

Levels of Being Spread

This Levels of Being Spread was for a man in his early 30’s. He is a strong young man who stands firm on his beliefs and willingness to be open minded to new things. This young man was interested in seeking Spirit’s outlook on his path in moving forward after his discharge from the armed services.

My Reading / Interpretation

Transformation Oracle Levels of Being SpreadHis first card was the IMMIGRATION card with the Air element. He was in an Army combat unit and was sent overseas for a year. He experienced all types of negative actions, such as death and other types of violence. The culture was different overseas and he had to learn how they perceived and lived in their culture. As on the immigration card, half of the card is shaded and the other side is colorful and bright. When he returned home, he completed his time and was honorably discharged and had to learn how to immigrate back into a civilian type of life style. The military way of life verses the civilian life is very different in the way they function. The military life style is structured with no variation. In civilian life there is room for variation and choices on how to live where as the military dictates what you have to do with no variation. He had to learn how to be flexible in the civilian world. He is now in the process of integrating into a civilian life learning how to be flexible. He is also enjoying learning about other cultures and the differences between each. He enjoys interacting with others because he is a very social person. He tries to put himself into others shoes before judging them. He enjoys making new friends and trying new activities to broaden his knowledge of others. His life is changing and new things are emerging for him as the air circulates throughout his life. He continues to immigrate each day moving towards his life goals.

His second card was the EMERGENCE card with the Fire Element. This young man is starting to make changes in his life. As in the phases of the moon, he is starting to change a little at a time. As the moon starts out with just a sliver, each night it grows a little night by night. This young man’s life is on the same path. Each day he grows a little more towards building his new life. He is in the process of making changes like packing boxes to prepare to move. He is also trying to find a new job that will make a better life for him. As the Emergence card shows the veils slowly part giving a better view of what is outside of them his faith continues to grow. He is beginning to see the progress little by little. This gives him the strength to continue on this path. He is clearing up the old like a fire burns the dead brush away so he can move on to bigger and better things in his near future.

His third card was the REBIRTH card with the Fire element. He is working toward making major changes in his personal life as well as his professional life. He is going back to school to work towards finishing his college degree so he can better himself. He feels as if he is a new man being born again with new and positive things coming his way in his life. As on the Rebirth card, the girl is slowly waking up preparing to move from one task to another. She is preparing herself to work towards the goals that will change her world. As for the young man in this reading, he is doing the same thing. He is slowly preparing himself for tasks that are on the horizon for him to better his life. The rake shows he is preparing to begin his journey to make a better life for himself. The preparation includes preparing to find another job that will work with his school schedule so he can continue working on his college degree. The rainbow shows he is on a path that will provide a bright and wonderful journey for him to reach his life goals.

Michelle Whitehead, Transformation Oracle Certified Reader

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