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The Fire Element in Separation & Divorce

Fire Element Cards in the Transformation Oracle Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Blue Ribbon

by Michelle W., Scholarship Winner

The fire element is a form of burning out the old to make room for the new.

Renovation Card from the Transformation OracleAs in the Renovation card the fire burns off old, dead trees and brush that needs to be cleaned so there is room for the recreation of the new life that needs to grow and nourish the land. The old brush, in a sense, is blocking the new from growing. This is similar to a person going through a separation or divorce when changes are being made to rebuild a new and different path in life for both people in the relationship.

Liberation Card from the Transformation OracleSome women find that they have always spent their lives caring for their husband and children and not taking time to care for their own personal needs. She gets lost in the care of others leaving her own needs not being taken care of. Her own personal needs may not be met because every waking moment is spent taking care of others. Once the separation and divorce is completed, the woman will find extra time on her hands because she no longer has a husband to care for.

Perspective Card from the Transformation OracleThen the children grow up and move on with their own lives. This gives her even more time to work on herself and grow as an individual. She has to learn how to do for herself and be open to new and exciting activities to improve her own life. She also needs to learn how to balance taking care of her while spending time to help others in need. Like the Creativity card, a person needs to come up with creative ways to balance time for taking care of and helping others without forgetting to take time for herself.

Creativity Card from the Transformation OracleLet the energy flow and be open to new things as they come to you. Robert Burney (The Metaphysics of Emotions, 1996) suggests other ways to open your mind. Meditation and chanting, affirmations and visualization, music and dancing are other tools that could be a helpful way of maintaining some balance in your life while you are walking down the path of your own journey.

Strengthen Card from the Transformation OracleThe Strengthen card shows that it is time to gear up for new opportunities that are coming. A woman needs to reclaim the strength she was so freely using and giving away in the past years. This is the time to prepare for new activities and endeavors that are coming. She needs to find the strength to dig deep down in her heart and soul by listening to God, the Angels, and the Spirits to lead her in the right direction to find the strength needed to continue on in life. Lori D’Ascenzo (Emotions and Your Body, 2009) conducted an experiment so her class would understand how emotions can weigh a person down and cause problems. She had each class member bring in a sack of potatoes and recall an experience that they could never forgive someone else for. The students then had to carve the type and date of incident into the potato. For one month the students had to carry this sack of potatoes around with them at all times. At the end of the one month the students then understood how much physical and mental pain it caused them carrying around anger, grief and many other emotions instead of just forgiving and moving on. They had lost so much strength by the end of the experiment, it provided them with a feeling of how letting go could be better than hanging on to negative energy.

Reflection Card from the Transformation OracleTo be able to find the strength to take life head on, a woman needs to actually look into the mirror and truly look deep down to see the reflection and evaluate what is needed and wanted and how to move forward in life. Looking at all the imperfections and deciding on how to correct or improve them or if she needs to leave that part of herself behind takes digging deep into ones soul which is a difficult task to perform. She can only work on her part of the marriage that failed and take responsibility for that. It means looking back at the bad as well as the good things in life. Rich Work (Proclamations of the Soul, 1999) stated, “Each individual person is his/her own healer, and you reside in the greatest healing temple of all, your physical body.” Each person has their own healer inside themselves and they have to be able to awaken that healer to begin the process. This process could take a few days or even a few months. It all depends on how deep the person needs to dig and open up to find their own path of healing.

Quickening Card from the Transformation OracleWhile working through the healing process from a divorce the creative part of one’s soul comes in to play. Allowing God, Angels, and Spirit to flow through your heart and soul to help you find a path is just another small piece of the puzzle to follow in search of recreating and healing. A person has to be open and honest enough to put your faith and love into the great Divine to help you through this process. Going through a divorce forces a person to be creative in every part of life including, day to day living, finances, and what she wants to do to make her happy while helping others. Many women take care of others first and never anything for themselves. Spirit has a way of pushing a person into the world to learn how to accept help from others instead of always giving. This has always been a difficult part of life for some people. Giving seems to be so easy for some and they are willing to give whatever is needed freely without judgment. Now, when it comes to taking, some people feel as if they are doing something wrong by taking from others even though they offered to help. Some do accept help in some situations, but other always gives more than they received with no regrets.

Purification Card from the Transformation OracleDuring the process of purifying ones heart and soul from a divorce, some learn how to take the poisonous thoughts of anger, disrespect, and hatred and let that all go. So try to turn the focus of all the negative thoughts and feelings into more positive ways of thinking and feeling. Some blame themselves for the reason their husband wanted the divorce. Some women feel that she was not good enough for him, she failed him in some way, and that he deserved and wanted someone better than her. In the Purification card the peacock eats the poisonous snake and turns that into his beautiful fan of feathers, some try to do the same with their feelings. It is a difficult process and is not something that will happen overnight, but if one puts all of their faith in God, the Angels, and Spirit to help them with this process it will help in time.

Renovation Card from the Transformation OracleA person could look at life as one may look at renovating an old house. A contractor has to look at each and every part of an old house to see what needs to be repaired. He starts from the floor and goes all the way to the roof. He has to look at the foundation, the structure, and the inside appliances, cabinets, etc. Then the demolition begins so the old can be replaced with the new.

A divorce forces a person to evaluate the structure of their life, heart, and soul. You have to open your heart, mind, and soul so that the renovations can continue on your life journey. One needs to turning to God, the Angels, and Spirit to help with the renovation of your life. A person can not be sure where life is going or how long it will take, but putting faith in the Divine to help you through this process is one positive way to go.

Rebirth Card from the Transformation OracleDuring this renovation, a person may cry, scream, question, and beg for answers as to why this terrible situation has happened to them. Why did her husband want to leave her? Why didn’t he want to work on their marriage? There are so many questions that remain unanswered and may never receive the answers either. That is part of life that we all have to live with. We have to trust that God, the Angels, and Spirit are taking us in the right direction to live our lives to the best of our abilities and to help others as well. This renovation is an ongoing process and could take days, weeks, or years to work through.

Only time will tell.

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Michelle Whitehead, Transformation Oracle Certified Reader

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