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Adryanna Kenna Sadge

Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Adryanna Kenna Sadge

February 2018

Reader of the Month Transformation Oracle Scholarship Winner

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Transformation Oracle
"The Transformation Oracle Weekend Intensive Workshop challenged me to look deeper into the meaning of each card and allow the messages from the Divine to Flow. I've never explored cards quite in this way before. Someone had once suggested to get to know each card one at a time, but it always seemed so daunting and like it would take forever. These assignments have allowed me to explore each of the cards in a deeper way. And it's not just the assignments, but also the phases of transformation and the elements. Thank you!"
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Adryanna Kenna Sadge

  • Transformation Oracle Readings
  • Nontraditional Reiki
  • Dragon Reiki
  • Shamanic Reiki
  • Sacred Blue Flame
  • Feather Way
  • Intuitive Readings

Adryanna is an Intuitive Reader, a Shamanic Practitioner, and a Reiki Master Teacher who works with the healing energies of Mother Nature and healing guides to facilitate the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing of both humans and fur babies. She was blessed with the gift to see past lives and receive messages from loved ones who have passed.

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Three ways to connect! Please call Adryanna at 720-380-4394, email her, or book a session online.

Visit Adryanna’s Etsy Store for Intuitive Creations by Adryanna including Pendants and Intention Pouches.

ADRYANNA KENNA SADGE is known for her clairvoyance into past lives and her ability to receive messages from loved ones who have crossed over.

Learn How to Design a Spread Using Intuition in Adryanna’s research paper.
Read Adryanna’s transformation story, A Path to Wisdom.

Transformation Oracle
"The Transformation Oracle deck invites you to look deeper into your own transformation with an open heart and an honest mind."