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Jeanette Peasley

Transformation Oracle
"My very first reading with cards was done by Sonya with the Transformation Oracle Deck and it was so accurate and helped confirm to me my sense of purpose in continuing on my journey. I was fascinated by the positive energy of the cards and the way the elements were used to help me understand some of my own feelings. Since the class I've done a some readings for others and it has been a wonderful and enlightening experience. The Transformation Oracle Cards use of elements seems to help with the balance and the energy of individuals ever changing lives and serves as a tool of guidance for those seeking it."
Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Blue Ribbon

Jeanette Peasley

  • Transformation Oracle Readings
  • Published Author/Motivational Speaker
  • Spiritual Advisor/Teacher
  • Divine Healer
  • Angel/Intuitive Readings

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Here’s Jeanette’s experience with the Certification Workshop:

Transformation Oracle
"When I first met Sonya at a Body, Mind, Spirit fair I was drawn to her gentle and kind spirit. I was already seeking ways of transforming the gifting I have with the Spirit and working with different tools to help continue my healing work. After receiving a reading from Sonya I realized I wanted to help others in this way. I was excited to have the opportunity to take her Transformation Oracle weekend. It was an awakening and enlightening experience that I hope to bring to others through the Transformation Oracle readings I give. I have no doubt that Spirit brought her into my life as a teacher for me to continue to gain knowledge. I recommend this class for anyone seeking transformation or to deepen the use of their gifting."