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Discovery card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle

3 – Earth
Guide Book – page 15 and 53-54
Artwork – “Ancestral Ash”

Dig down.
Become aware of what’s been there all along.

Generally when this card turns up, some previously hidden or obscure information about our family or community is coming to light. The DISCOVERY card is a harbinger of news that often changes our whole view. It’s a sea-change, so it may feel like a surprise, or even a bit of a shock. This card is in the element EARTH, so the discovery often has to do with our inheritance—whether genetic, material, or informational. Whatever we discover changes us deep down. It sometimes feels like a tectonic plate shift!

Though this card may bring highly personal details to light, it’s important to step back and not take it personally. No matter what we find out, we are still part of the human race. Others have made similar discoveries to ours, so we are not alone. The person we were before we got this new information is the same as the one afterward. We can choose how we want to respond, provided we give ourselves a bit of time and space, and don’t simply react.

Reversed Meaning

If this card appears upside-down, there is resistance to seeing and accepting the truth. We may be overwhelmed or at a point in life where we want our identity to be firm and intact. Yet self-knowledge is an endless quest, and resistance to opening our eyes only keeps us limited. Look again at the other cards in your spread or shuffle and pull one or two additional cards to see how to get around what’s blocking you.

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