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2019 Workshop Schedule

Author Sonya Shannon


May 4-5 • 2019 - DENVER
SAVE! Only $185 before April 7, 2019
$220 after April 7, 2019

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Transformation Oracle Product

Transformation Oracle Deck

The Ruby Edition amplifies power, love, abundance and divine connection. Vibrates at the frequency of Spiritual Royalty.



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PRACTICAL WORK   $95  |  Your own timeframe (Not included in Weekend Intensive Workshop)



Sonya Shannon Visionary Art
"Your cards are a huge source of support and guidance. Thank you - I truly feel the Universe had my need in mind—along with many others—when it led you to create your beautiful artwork and Transformation Cards."
Sonya Shannon Visionary Art
"The Transformation Oracle is the most beautiful, intriguing and inspiring source of support and guidance for anyone's journey. I felt the magic and mystic power the minute I opened the box! I love that the spreads and perspectives to ponder are endless. It's a lifetime of love and loveliness for my soul!"


Exclusive Facebook Group!

Facebook Private Group

You are invited to share your spread with other mystics, seekers, and Transformation Oracle readers! This safe, private group on Facebook gives you a forum to take a photo of your spread and upload it. Browse the Transformation Oracle group on Facebook to see how others have interpreted spreads.



Haelie Louise Shaw

Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Haelie Shaw

September 2018

Reader of the Month

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Scholarship Application!

Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Blue Ribbon

Haelie Louise Shaw

Alternative Paradigm

  • Transformation Oracle Card Readings
  • Personalized Medicine Jewelry
  • Essential Oils Distribution & Teaching

“Using intensive knowledge of sacred, animal, and universal symbolism, I aim to assist in the manifestation of deep spiritual healing. Through the use of the Transformation Oracle deck and other powerful forces of Nature, together we can discover purpose and joy!”

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Please call or text Haelie at 719-258-0954, or send her an email.

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Spirit Animals in the Transformation Oracle.

Read Haelie’s transformation story, My Revolution of Self.

Transformation Oracle
The Transformation Oracle Workshop is the perfect foundation to build lasting change in your personal life and in the lives of those around you. Sonya Shannon is leading the way towards the evolution of humankind!