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Trisha Michel

Trisha Michel Certified Reader

December 2017

Reader of the Month

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TRISHA MICHEL is a Certified Transformation Oracle Reader, Certified Yoga Teacher, and Reiki Practitioner.

Transformation Oracle
"As one who is both analytical and intuitive, this deck speaks clearly to me. Not only stunning and powerful, the Transformation Oracle deck is intuitive and feels so natural! Each card shows up at just the right moment for one seeking meaning and understanding. Based on the four elements and the eight phases of personal transformation, Transformation Oracle provides a system to navigate the many levels and phases of one’s life."
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Trisha Michel
Certified Yoga Teacher

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Learn how to get more clarity in readings! Read Trisha’s research to explore secondary elements and what they say. Download the Element Exploration Tool

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Please call or text 303-330-2149 or click here to email Trisha to schedule a Transformation Oracle reading. Trisha is also available for private yoga lessons and Reiki healing.


“I stepped into a spiritual journey over 30 years ago when opening to the phenomenon of Grace so well described in M. Scott Peck’s “The Road Less Traveled.” Always curious in heart and mind, I’ve studied many healing modalities including yoga, nutrition, Reiki, Oracle card reading, psychology, and world religions. My desire is to channel my empathic qualities to help all beings heal and find purpose.” – Trisha Michel

Trisha lives in the foothills of Denver, CO, finding endless joy cohabiting with wildlife.

Trisha on The Certification Workshop

Transformation Oracle
"I attended the Certification Workshops I through III, and was so taken that I had to attend the next Weekend Intensive Workshop! Sonya generously extends her knowledge and love of the deck and the Oracle reading process, and this sharing forms a bond among all present. The workshops are essential to understanding the depth and meaning of each card, allowing a Reader to give accurate and insightful readings."