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Transformation Oracle Weekend Intensive Workshop – Colorado Springs

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Three workshops. One fabulous weekend!

Instructor Sonya Shannon

Immerse Yourself in the Oracle’s Divine Guidance

This 3-part intensive workshop takes you deeply into a journey of metaphysical growth through the Transformation Oracle card deck. We’ll be doing WORKSHOP I, WORKSHOP II, and WORKSHOP III. Take any one workshop, or all three to become a Certified Reader.
Note: This workshop attracts LIGHTWORKERS. Join us!

Who Should Attend

Beginners, intermediates & experts welcome.
Required for all CERTIFIED READER candidates.

Workshop I

Workshop II

Workshop III


*Please register online and save!

Only $175 for the whole weekend


Drop-ins welcome! (space permitting)

$75 per class at the door

Think about it… after one class, most people stay!


Transformation Oracle
"I went into Sonya's Transformation Oracle workshop as a total beginner. I was a little apprehensive about walking through the door, yet the cards and the class kept calling to me! I'm so glad I went. Sonya conveyed the information needed to get started beautifully, and I left feeling empowered that not only did I have a good feel for what I was doing, but that my gut instincts could be trusted as well. Thank you!"
Transformation Oracle Official Certification Course


Transformation Oracle
"The workshops were packed full of information, beautifully presented, and encouraged interaction. Hearing a variety of perspectives and interpretations from all the participants allowed me to expand my understanding of both the cards and the layouts."
Transformation Oracle
"During the Transformation Oracle Certification Workshops, time was suspended and the wealth of information poured flawlessly. We were encouraged to ask questions and interact by reading cards with a partner. And, we changed partners, so we could interact and learn, with and from, each other—an irreplaceable experience!"


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Download the FLYER (includes course schedule).