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Kristina Eisenhower

Kristina Eisenhower Transformation Oracle Certified Reader

February 2019

Reader of the Month

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Transformation Oracle
"The Transformation Oracle is the most beautiful, intriguing and inspiring source of support and guidance for anyone's journey. I felt the magic and mystic power the minute I opened the box! I love that the spreads and perspectives to ponder are endless. It's a lifetime of love and loveliness for my soul!"
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Kristina Eisenhower

Yogify Yo’self / The KaleidoLife Coach

Kristina embodies and shares how to Yogify Yo’self (uniting the mind, body & spirit in connection with the Universe) with conscious and creative tools, techniques and coaching.

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Please call or text Kristina at 415-233-2744, or send her an email. Make sure to visit her website!

Check out Find the Yoga in Your Cards in Kristina’s correlation between yoga and the Transformation Oracle’s four elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Make sure to see Kristina’s “Levels of Being” spread, Integrating Financial Freedom.

Transformation Oracle
"The Transformation Oracle is the most accurate and inspiring deck I’ve ever worked with! What a privilege it was to study it under the Divine guidance of Sonya. It is my pleasure to carry it forward in readings that help people to navigate this wild, whacky and wonderful life!"