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Integrating Financial Freedom

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by Kristina Eisenhower, Transformation Oracle Certified Reader

Levels of Being Spread Transformation Oracle

Levels of Being Spread

The seeker was a young mother and newly-graduated life coach. Her question concerned finances and how to create an all-inclusive abundance from her services. She was struggling to come up with with a service fee that would reflect her values and desires, one of which was to be affordable to the masses (middle class), while simultaneously earning enough to grow and advance. She allowed as how her small family (husband and 1-year old son) had been living on her savings for a year. With her coaching business in the nascent stage, she figured they would be using the remainder of her savings over the upcoming year. At the same time, she wanted her new fee to reflect more abundance in her family’s lifestyle. Therefore, she really wanted to get some guidance on how to connect with money and use it for her highest good and service. Given the personal/professional combination of these questions, I sensed a Levels of Being spread might shed some light on the situation.

My Reading / Interpretation

Integration card from Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle

The Seeker – Integration

Yes! The Integration card was the first signpost showing her thoughts on how to integrate her personal values with her professional services. The Seeker shared her desire to reach a reasonable rate that would not exclude her friends, family and former colleagues in the same socio-economic class from benefiting from her offerings. Yet, she also wanted to make enough money to provide for her family, as well as allow her to contribute and donate to the greater good through the funding of other initiatives. In exploring the artwork, the Integration card shows a picture within a picture, but the old-self picture is just a tiny stamp in the corner of the golden frame surrounding the new, multi-layered self that is front and center. So, by reflecting on her childhood and prior adult experiences and beliefs about how money changes some people, and some attitudes toward people, she could see how those ideas do not serve her current position as a mature solo-preneuer embarking on a conscious career path. They are merely a tiny stamp that can be peeled off. What could be integrated was the knowledge and experience of seeing how a person can change economic status without losing their integrity. The lipstick in the artwork inspired her to “apply” a bright, bold maturity, and to “outline” the very source from where she could speak her mind, voice her values, and own it now.

Reversal card from Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle

Support & Environment – Reversal

Hmmm. Addressing the nature of the Reversal card to reveal the kind of support the seeker could expect from others, the first thing to notice was that its element is Air. Air is everywhere and moves in every direction, and in varying degrees. Therefore, the seeker might expect support to come from a variety of sources and in various ways, and be ever-shifting. The word, Reversal, and the duality of the card indicated that the support could be quite erratic. That is, support might come from an outside investor, or the creation of a membership type of group, a business loan, or she might expand her income through affiliate sales. Then, the winds of support could make a U-turn, and she would have to turn inward and find ways to support herself through cash conservation and preservation. And still another shift could occur and leave her suspended in midair – still, but breathing and “hanging in there”. Reversal also highlighted the 1st level concepts of Integration, in that it asks her to assess what she is “bound” by (restrictions and hang ups, as depicted by the yogi in bound lotus pose hanging upside down) and what “fires her up” (passion and joy, as seen in the upward jumping motion of the yogi floating toward the light of day). And to know that Air does not travel in a straight line – that there could be a lot of zig zagging in this level of being.

Liberation card from Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle

The Outcome – Liberation

Free, at last! At this highest level of being (the outcome), the Liberation card made it clear to see that the seeker would be “on fire”. With her double dose of air cards oxygenating this fire card, the seeker had a hot light by which to see that she could most definitely achieve financial freedom, AND stay true to herself. By breaking free from the chains of old beliefs around money and what other people think of her current fees, as well as seeking and welcoming the shifting winds of support, she was now stepping into the fire (taking action) to change her financial attitude and acquisition efforts. In learning that the fire element has everything to do with action, ambition and creativity, the seeker’s spirit was sparked and she began discussing ways to get creative with making money work for her. With the discussion ablaze with possibilities and resources, the seeker mentioned that she had “banking” on her to-do list later that day, and had been dreading the notion. But now, she felt lighter and less limited. We affirmed that she is, indeed, already free – FREE TO BE FREE!



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