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Julie Stevens

Julie Stevens, Transformation Oracle Certified Reader

January 2018

Reader of the Month

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JULIE STEVENS offers Reiki sessions & Reiki classes. She is a licensed spiritual healer, Certified Transformation Oracle Reader and Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist.

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Julie Stevens
Reiki Healer

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Please call (719) 368-0594 or click here to email Julie for an appointment.


“Joy, love and grace infuse my sacred space. I am deeply connected to Spirit — The Divine. I offer a safe, sacred space for clients to connect with their higher selves and that which is ready for release & healing. Working with the Light, Angels & Spirit Guides for the highest good & outcome for all concerned.” – Julie Stevens

Julie on The Certification Workshop

Transformation Oracle
"I loved the one-on-one training I received from Sonya! Our class was just the right size & we were able to learn, practice & grow with each other. Intuition, insight, 'Ah-Ha's!"

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