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Amber Golshani

Transformation Oracle Scholarship Winner

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Transformation Oracle
"I am so pleased to have The Transformation Oracle as another tool I can use to gain insight into my clients (and my own) life. Sonya's deck is full of wisdom and transmits a deeper understanding every time I use it. The workshop was a perfect balance of instruction and experiential learning. Thank you!"
Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Blue Ribbon

Amber Golshani

Wholistic Health

  • Wholistic Health Care
  • Plant Medicine
  • Intuitive
  • Energy Healing

When you are in the dark and cannot see now healing is possible, I will stand by your side, hold a lantern and guide you. Though I no longer practice medicine, I am a healer and light worker. I use my education, intuition and spiritual gifts to help my fellow humans physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My highest calling is to restore health by acting in harmony with nature.

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