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Embody and Balance Elements Chart

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by Amber Golshani

Embody and Balance Elements Chart

With the Element Balancing Spread of the Transformation Oracle Deck, one can gain insight into the composition of the four elements (Air, Earth, Water, Fire) in the Seeker and/or situation at that time. It is a metaphysical “x-ray” of the elements at work in the Seeker. This spread is great for Seekers with no specific questions or those who just want to know: “What does Spirit want to tell me?”
Four cards are placed intentionally, and their elements read. One card for each element will indicate a harmonious balance of body, mind, spirit, and emotions.
As earthly AND divine creatures, we are asked to experience all that we can while “here.” In the past, we have put emphasis on thinking and logic—more masculine qualities—while simultaneously denigrating emotion and feeling. Both are a type of gnosis, both important, both valuable.
I created the Embody and Balance Elements Chart to help a Seeker integrate and experience each element in their bodies. Intellect is only part of the way these cards can help us. Embodiment is another way to access the wisdom of these four elements at play in us. Bringing a somatic experience of each element into our body can help connect us to these forces, harmonize their action and restore balance.
If only one element is present, for example, 4 Fire cards are revealed, it can indicate a concentration and growth in spirit, with lots of will, passion and masculine energy. There are different ways to interpret this. The Seeker might be burning up with passion, but without Earth to stay focused, Air to develop a plan, and Emotion to give a sense of purpose, it may be hard for the Seeker to move forward. You can use the following embodiment chart to see how to bring the missing elements into the Seeker’s experience or use the chart to identify how to feel the Fire inside, allow it to transform and move on to restore balance.
If a reading reveals a concentration of 3 cards of the same element, emphasis is in that element: for example, 3 Earth cards with one Water. This may indicate the Seeker is focused on health, relationships, money, home, or other earthly pursuits. They may feel stuck or stagnant with so much Earth energy. They may need to bring some Fire and passion to get things moving. Use this chart to bring a visceral experience to the element you wish to balance.
A reading with 2 cards in 2 elements, for example 2 Water cards and 2 Air cards, can indicate a double emphasis in emotions and mentation. Fire may be called on to bring transformative energy and/or Earth may be needed to solidify details. Another approach may be to get in touch with the Water and Air inside and help move it along to better open for Earth and Fire to come in.
I hope that this chart will provide some tangible, experiential ways to bring the four elements into our earthy existence, restore balance and serve our Seekers highest good.
With Love, Amber Rose
(To see the Chart, please click on the image below.)

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