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Health Journey

Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Blue Ribbon

by Amber Golshani

Past Present Future Spread

Seeker wants to know more about her health journey.

My Reading / Interpretation

The first card, indicating the past, Is the EXPANSION card, 8th in Water. This a maternal card and literally the bringing in of new life. Seeker indicates that she has 4 children and much of her life’s energy has been given to the expansion of her kids life. As a water card, her past has been ruled by high emotion, mothering energy and moving beyond her limits, often to her own detriment.

PERSPECTIVE (5th Fire) indicates her current place in her health journey. The fire shows me she is passionate and ready to change. Fire is the element of transmutation, destruction of the old habits and patterns to bring something new in. The child on the card is looking at different perspectives to find what is right, now. She indicates that she knows she can no longer continue as she did in the past. Her health is suffering, and she is ready to change.

GENEROSITY (Earth 10) is the future of her health journey. I believe that, for her, this card is about allowing herself to receive the generosity and giving of others. As a mother, she recognizes that she has given so much and taken very little time, energy, and care for herself. The earth element brings light to caring for her earthly body, more grounding, nourishment and building a solid foundation.

The overall impression for her health journey is that she is moving from a place of constant giving, overstretching her boundaries, and doing for others to a place of a more balanced giving and receiving. She indicates that this is very much in alignment with her path and she is grateful to know that her way forward actually doesn’t mean “doing more”, but rather asking for help and allowing herself to receive as much as she gives. She feels confidant she is on the right path for better health.

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