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How the Elements Relate to Spirit

The Elements of the Transformation Oracle as They Relate To Spirit

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by Jeanette Peasley

The four elements of Transformation Oracle cards as they relate to the Spirit is the most important aspect of the cards and their readings as transformation from one stage to another is revealed. Not only do the cards speak with the ebb and flow of the spirit they also connect the elements to our lives. These revelations work in a five-element system with the four drawing upon the fifth element.

The Fifth Element

In ancient times, the fifth element was referred to as Aether or Quintessence; however, over the span of time the fifth element became recognized as Spirit matter. It is the element that bridges the Heavenly/Celestial realms with the physical. The concept of the fifth element originated within the Greek culture.

Aristotle further expanded on the four elements by identifying them with the seasons as well as male/female characteristics. Fire-Autumn; male: Air-Summer; male: Water-Spring; Female: Earth-Spring; female. he fifth element embodies all four elements of creation through the celestial plane. Through the study the five elements along with the interactions they have in all realms, it is clear to us that they move in seasonal phases that affect our lives.

In the Transformation Oracle’s 44 cards, the elements represent certain aspects of our lives and transformation. Earth is material, body, home, and abundance; Air represents mind, thoughts, philosophy, truths, and ideas; Fire stands for spirit, soul path, actions, ambition, and creativity; and Water symbolizes heart, emotions, intuition, love, and faith. The fifth aspect is the all-encompassing spiritual flow of the universe and its symbol is usually a spiral or circles. It is meant to be the bridge between the natural and the soul translating between the celestial/heavenly realms. This is the Elemental Pentagram and it represents the hierarchy of the elements as part of humanity and how the spirit flows down to each element and its placement in creation.

Five Element Pentagram

How the Elements Flow Together

Traditionally there was an elemental hierarchy that was later abandoned with more modern belief systems; however, this hierarchy still flows with our understanding of the elements with the lower being material and physical, which would be earth and fire, then ascending to the higher elements air and water. This moving and flowing represents the freedom of the spirit. In the Pentagram, starting with spirit, (the highest element) we descend to fire, then follow the lines of the pentagram over to air, across to water, and down to earth, the lowest and most material of the elements. The final line between earth and spirit completes the geometric shape. This diagram gives us an idea of how the elements flow together in a continuous movement in creation that brings balance and harmony to the universe.

There are many different beliefs about how man was created or came into existence. I choose to believe that we are divine creatures created by a divine being: God. In my quest for more knowledge about how we are influenced by the elements and how we can govern them, I came across a simple verse in the Bible (Inspired Word of the Creator). Streams came up from the earth and watered the whole surface of the ground. Then the LORD GOD formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life. And man became a living soul. (Genesis 2:6-7)

Where do we see the four elements in the creation of man? Let’s break down the paragraph and determine this. First, science tells us that man is made up of the elements in the planet, some of those are oxygen(air); hydrogen(water); calcium(earth); these and other components help to regulate temperature (fire). In the midst of scientific proof and comparison to man and creation we will also see how the Creator fashioned us to have each part of creation within us.

  • Water – Streams came up from the earth and watered the whole surface of the ground.
  • Earth – Then the LORD GOD formed a man from the dust of the ground.
  • Air – And breathed into his nostrils the breath of life.
  • Fire – And man became a living soul.

In Judeo-Christian understanding, the soul is symbolized by fire and we know that our bodies have to maintain a certain temperature in order to survive; therefore, we have fire on a physical plane and within a spiritual level.

Jesus, who walked the earth in his human form, was able to command all of creation and told us that we are able to do this as well. In my belief system it is apparent to me that if we are divinely part of a larger created universe then we can work with it to bring about transformation and healing. There are many ways that we can access the celestial realm and use the elements for healing and enlightenment.

Influencing the Elements in Our Lives

We have the ability to directly influence the elements simply by willing it, just as Jesus calmed the storm. In the story told by Mark chapter 4:35-41 it is explained that after a long day of teaching and healing Jesus was tired and wanted to leave the crowds of people for some quiet and rest. He and his students acquired a boat to travel to the other side of the sea when a storm with wind and rain began to cause turmoil on the boat. Jesus was awakened by the alarm of the men and, “He got up, rebuked the wind and said to the waves, ‘Quiet! Be Still!’ then the wind died down and it was completely calm.” (v.39) The intention to calm the water and air elements was there and they obeyed the spoken words.

In the Native American culture, the elements are also under the power of men when they call to the water element for rain through the Rain Dance, which has been performed throughout their history. The Rain Dance was usually performed with costumes and ceremony during the driest month of the year. The ritual was said to have been used only during dire drought times and was a success. The Rain Dance is still performed today by groups and individuals, such as Bryan Keith Elkins, who said, “I saw a girl perform a rain dance once. She announced her intention beforehand. It rained shortly thereafter.”

I would say that it is probable that we influence the elements as much as they influence us whether physically through the use of scientific equipment or through spiritual intention. The universe is tied to our existence; we are clearly a part of it. It is this spiritual connection that allows the spirit to speak to us through the cards when we are having some difficulty hearing Spirit or finding our path.

The Transformation Oracle cards are a powerful tool that enables one to stay connected with Spirit and creation. Each card has an element that speaks for an area of an individual’s life that Spirit is trying to illuminate. The cards are instrumental to this because they represent each elemental area. As the seasons move, the readings and their meanings move as well for those seeking to find answers or get confirmation.

The Element Balancing Spread and Spirit

Jeanette Peasley Element Balancing Spread

While writing this paper, I decided to perform an Element Balancing Spread on myself. I am seeking guidance about the ideas I feel Spirit has opened my eyes; soul and mind to as I continue to move in my life’s journey and purpose. I drew the Innocence card; Forgiveness card; Liberation card; and Receptivity card: one of each of the elements which tells me that I am balanced elementally in my progress as I move forward in my newly awakened state.

The Innocence card is speaking to me about the beginning of my belief system and showing me where my emotions are still tied within those old systems but how they are now being involved with strong intuition and my faith. The Forgiveness card shows me where I have to forgive those who have blinded me and lead me into spiritual bondage. It also represents my letting go of past mistakes in all areas of my life and forgiving myself in the process. The earth element of the card reminds me that I can move forward and rebuild anew. The Liberation card is showing me how to continue to liberate myself in the areas of my life that have held me in bondage and hindered my soul path; the fire, also reveals my creativity and ambition in walking my path. Finally the Receptivity card reminds me to continue to be open minded and cautious as I embark on this new spiritual journey and move with the flow of the air as thought patterns and ideas change.

Our bodies are constantly in tune with Spirit as we work toward the highest good in attaining growth, understanding and healing. We are also able to move forward in our purpose and strive for understanding in the midst of what we experience in creation. The opportunities for enlightenment and development are infinite with the ability to commune with Spirit through the elements. The use of Transformation Oracle cards is one of the many ways we can remain in tune with creation and hearing Spirit speaking to enrich our lives and the lives of those who seek out our assistance through the use of the cards. We are made from all of the elements and as we walk in our daily lives we continue to have an impact on creation around us and as we seek to understand our purpose we can understand what it is to be human a most divine and unique creature in the universe.


Jeanette Peasley, Transformation Oracle Certified Reader

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