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Embracing Spiritual Gifts

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by Jeanette Peasley

Through out my life I have had experiences with the spiritual world. It became most prevalent when I was in the fifth grade and my mother had her own transformation and began to teach us about the creator. I was raised in the Catholic Church and also with non-traditional spiritual practices as my maternal grandfather was part Native American. As I grew up I became a Christian because the churches I attended allowed me to have spiritual experiences I craved. At the time I did not realize that I am a seer and extremely intuitive. My heart has always been to help others that I see in need spiritually and I have always had people share their life experiences and uncertainties with me.

I never felt that I could truly use my gifting for many reasons but mostly because I didn’t believe in myself or in my abilities given by the Creator. I walked through life hiding behind a false self that I presented to the world in order to keep myself safe. However, after the loss of a business that I believed was something I was supposed to be doing I slowly began to realize that I was not living the purpose intended for me or that I had in my heart.

I had many experiences that led me to a very special and important individual in my life who opened my eyes and awakened me to myself and I realized that I have much to offer to the world and to those who are in need of finding their way too. And so began my transformation into who I am. When I was presented with this assignment I asked the question; “What does my transformation look like?” I drew the following cards:

Fire: Reflection

Fire CardsREFLECTION is the first card I drew from the Fire element cards.

This card invited me to look at the true me and to come out of denial about what is really going on with me and to allow myself to be perfectly imperfect. This speaks to me in the way that says to let go of the old self I created to deny who I am and to allow myself to walk the path I have always wanted “willing to own my part in life. I have a right to happiness and a right to be me.”

Air: Knowledge

Air CardsKNOWLEDGE is the second card I drew from the Air element cards.

It invites me to expand my awareness and understanding through education. It invites me to focus on something new so that I can enjoy life and connect with life and my purpose. In this part of my transformation I believe that I am doing that; stepping in to new learning experiences so that I in turn can teach.

Water: Celebration

Water CardsCELEBRATION is the third card I drew from the Water element cards.

It states, “Dance for Joy!” Tells me to break out of isolation and join with others. I have been in a kind of isolation for a while; alone in a crowded room so-to-speak. I’ve held on to self-consciousness and in this time of transformation I find myself coming out of a cocoon like a butterfly.

Earth: Simplicity

Earth CardsSIMPLICITY—is the last card I drew from the Earth element cards.

This card speaks to letting go of my past life in order to move forward. It invites me to let go of old hurts and bitterness and to pass through the narrow gate that will lead to my higher self. It’s letting me know that once I have begun on this path I won’t be able to go back to the way I was and I don’t want to. I believe this card is showing me that I must allow my inner self to heal so that I may in turn help others heal and walk their paths. “Our spiritual purpose is fulfilled mot by outer acquisitions or beating the competition, but by simply releasing whatever has been holding us back and moving closer to our purest state of being.”


I am at the first phase of my transformation and quickly moving into my second phase as I move forward I want to be as prepared as I can be to step into who I am and put her out into the world.

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