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Geniva Shelley

Transformation Oracle Scholarship Winner

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Transformation Oracle
"It is a unique experience to be able to directly ask the author of an oracle deck questions in a classroom setting, and even more unique to be certified in a deck. Within the two days of the Transformation Oracle Weekend Intensive Workshop, it was genuinely an overnight expansion of my understanding of symbolism, how the cards connect to each other, spreads but mostly and surprisingly to me was how easily I can understand and read elements now. This understanding and new insight has even applied to the way I read the tarot suits as well, with more confidence and understanding of the symbolism and representations of the elements.
With the certification, I feel extremely confident and at ease applying for large fairs I thought I wasn't ready for. I could see the Transformation Oracle becoming an oracle standard, much like Lenormand, due
to the ease and accuracy of the system."
Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Blue Ribbon

Geniva Shelley

Juniper Oracle

I believe that everyone was born with the power of intuition, like instincts, and the ability to utilize the sixth sense. In today’s culture, intuition is often overlooked or dismissed, which is why most believe they are not capable of it. I am passionate about showing everyone their own natural intuition, and I find that oracle and tarot cards are a spark that intuition grows off of! I am also extremely passionate about studying the history of witchcraft. Stay tuned for my Podcasts all about spirituality and witchcraft!

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Please call (720) 340-8158 to schedule a private reading. Follow Geniva on Instagram or send her an email.

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Praise for Geniva’s Readings

Geniva Shelley of Juniper Oracle reading cards

“I recently had a reading from Geniva and the Body Mind Spirit Expo. Geniva is a talented intuitive reader. She incorporates numbers and the four elements as she reads from an evocative and artistic deck. Her reading was clear and insightful, highlighting issues that I am currently experiencing. Geniva offered clarity about the past and guidance for the future. I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to get a closer look at the energies affecting them and how to move forward with confidence and understanding.” – Ron L.