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The Chakra Balance of an Artist

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by Geniva Shelley

The Chakra Balance of an Artist

This reading was for a young woman who wanted to see how balanced her chakras were. The seeker is an artist in many different art forms, and is in a period of transformation with her creativity manifesting into her reality rapidly at this time. The seeker also recently had taken a body image scan and wanted to see if the two readings aligned with each other. The seeker did report that many of the aspects mentioned in her reading were similar or the same comments as her body image scan reading.


Journey Card from the Transformation Oracle


The Root Chakra, also known in Sanskrit as the Muladhara Chakra, meaning the “Root of Existence,” is responsible for our groundedness, earthly matters, stability, and protection. Having an Earth card like Journey in the Root Chakra is a good indication of balance, as the Earth energy of Journey compliments the Root Chakra. Like the man in the imagery of the card, the seeker is on a new physical journey into the unknown, as card #1 in the Earth Element symbolizes new beginnings in our physical lives. This aspect of beginnings in the seeker’s physical life is enhanced by the card’s position in the Root Chakra, as the Root Chakra is responsible for our stability and our role in society. The seeker needs to not be afraid of the unknown, as they are equipped with the resources to be successful. You are on a new journey that can be very beneficial to your sense of “I am”. Know that you are protected by your spirits, as indicated by the canine companion in the card, and you have the security in your Root Chakra to be successful in your ventures.

Creativity Card


The second Chakra, located below the navel, is known as the Svadhisthana Chakra, meaning “the dwelling place of the self,” and is responsible for our interests, creativity, and passion. This chakra is how we express ourselves, which makes the Fire card Creativity an excellent match for this chakra. During this time, the seeker is receiving endless inspiration, and the card’s position in the Sacral Chakra is very indicative that she is very passionate, goal-oriented, and taking physical action to manifest her reality. As an artist, this card is telling her yes! You have the vision, allow yourself to be a vessel that creativity throws through into your artwork. This period may at times feel intense and overwhelming, as fire is the Yin to water, which is the element that rules the Sacral Chakra. Be careful to not spread yourself too thin, to beware of potential burnout. Your creativity is overflowing, as well as your ability to manifest reality. Don’t be afraid to express yourself, your creativity needs to be shared!

Ascent card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle


The third chakra is the Solar Plexus Chakra, known as the Manipura Chakra, meaning “lustrous gem,” is where our self-esteem resides, and is responsible for our personal power and confidence in our intellect. The Solar Plexus Chakra’s role in our intelligence makes it an excellent match for the Air card ascent. The Ascent Card is a message to the Seeker that she has risen above old, limiting beliefs. Her self-esteem is growing, or perhaps has reached a new level. Ruled by the Fire element, the Ascent Air energy signifies the fanning of the flames, and the growing of confidence and self-esteem. Continue to nurture this fire and allow it to thrive, with a strong and balanced Solar Plexus Chakra, we become limitless, as most of our limits come from self-doubt. Don’t doubt yourself, you are ascending!

Transformation Oracle magic


The heart Chakra is the 4th Chakra, also known as the Anahata Chakra, meaning “unbeaten,” is an extremely powerful energy source, as it is how we give and receive loving energy. This chakra is about letting go, compassion, and expression of love. These energies are a very good match with the Water card Intuition, which encompasses the importance of trusting your inner-guidance. Since the Heart Chakra is a chakra of receptivity, the Intuition card is a message to the seeker to open your heart to your spiritual guidance, and to follow your heart. You have a deep connection to your passions in life, and your intuition is giving you guidance on where to take those passions. Allow your heart to be open to the flow of intuition, and try not to involve logic into it. Intuition is instant, with no time to “think” about it. Feel that voice, listen to it, and keep listening to it, as this will strengthen your intuition.

Direction card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle


The Fifth Chakra is located at the base of our throat, and that is why it is called the Throat Chakra, in Sanskrit the Vishuddha Chakra, which means “purification”. This chakra represents communication, the ability to express ourselves clearly, and the ability to project oneself into the world. Its ruling Element is Ether or space, which is the essence of where our identities exist. This energy, combined with the Air card Direction, may be a signal that seekers are having trouble expressing themselves clearly. It’s almost as if the seeker has too much to say, yet not sure what to say. Pulled in several different directions, the right answer seems unclear. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with different situations and how to apply your voice to them, which in turn may silence or close off your Throat Chakra. Have no fear, seeker, for the answer is there, and it will become clear within stillness. As an artist, it is important to take time to ground and center yourself, as this will help your expression be clear. Take time to yourself, and avoid spreading yourself thin. With some alignment, this chakra can become rounded and clear, and will allow you to express your true self succinctly and accurately!

Receptivity Card Transformation Oracle


Following the fifth chakra is the Third Eye Chakra, also called the Ajna Chakra, meaning “Perceptive,” rules our consciousness, perception, and intuition. This chakra connects our spirit to our external world, and is in charge of perceiving signs and symbols, seeing the world with our inner eye, and psychic abilities. The Air card Receptivity is a great match to this chakra, as Receptivity is telling the Seeker the universe is presenting you with all the guidance you need. When we are receptive to our intuition, it not only affects our spiritual lives, but our physical lives as well. Close your eyes and allow the flow of the voice of the universe, sit in stillness and understand what your inner-voice is telling you. Take notice of repeating signs, symbols, numbers, or names, as all of these may be divine messages from your spiritual team. Trusting your intuition will greatly expand your Third Eye Chakra.

Immigration card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle


The Crown Chakra is the seventh and final chakra, also known as Sahasrara Chakra, which means “infinite,” and is the chakra that connects us to the Divine. This chakra is in charge of spiritual enlightenment, the shedding of ego, and wisdom. Matched with the Air card Immigration, perhaps the seeker is in need of a change of perspective, or the need to transition into a different pattern of thought. Don’t forget to remember where you came from, and to remember that everyone has a unique and expansive background. Take time to focus more on your own spiritual growth and journey, and remember never to compare your place in life to where someone else is at. Growth happens at different times for different people, and your path is expanding vastly before your eyes. When we focus on growing and bettering ourselves instead of focusing on the outside physical world, our Crown Chakra is in alignment and is bright and clear.


The seeker is on the right path, things are falling into place, now is the time to ride the flow of the universe and utilize the creative energy that you are filled with during this time. The biggest obstacle for ourselves is self-doubt, and it’s important to remember that our very existence on Earth is a monumental, revolutionary blessing in itself, and that we all have the power to shape the universe the way we want. Continue your journey of self discovery, and have faith you are on the right path. Don’t forget to stay grounded and centered, and take time for reflection and mental clarity. Don’t hold back, seeker, it is part of your destiny to make an impact on this world!


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