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Intuition card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle

6 – Water
Guide Book – page 26 and 56
Artwork – “Dream Journal”

Listen to that quiet inner voice.
It’s giving you instructions from Above.

Sometimes reason, rationality, and left-brain logic just don’t work. You have a gut feeling you can’t explain and may not have the time to explore through journaling or confiding in others. TRUST IT! That small feeling will turn out to be right, for reasons that may not be evident now.

The painting in this card has all the colors of the rainbow. We each have a special color that activates and empowers our inner world. Intuition is like color—it’s a feeling, a state of knowing that drenches us in truth, yet cannot be explained to ourselves or others. We just simply KNOW. Let your intuition guide you. It’s fed by deep forces under the surface, forces that prevail over the answer you seek.

Reversed Meaning

If this card appears upside-down, you may be cutting off or dismissing your intuition. Fear is often the culprit. You may be overwhelmed and stressed, not knowing where to turn—even though intuition holds the key! Or, you fear what others think if you trust that inner quiet voice, especially if they confront or challenge you. Guilt, shame, and insecurity can smother your intuition.

It’s a challenge for you to trust what you KNOW to be true. Are you resisting because you want a different outcome? Pull another card to see how to remove what’s blocking your connection to yourself—and the Universe.

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