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Immigration card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle

7 – Air
Guide Book – page 22 and 55
Artwork – “Walking Coyote”

Walk in the other person’s shoes.

This card is all about opening your mind. When we judge others, our mind is closed. We think we know what is going on with them, but in fact we probably don’t have the faintest clue. If we could actually see inside the nitty-gritty of another person’s reality, we might discover that they are far more like us than we ever could have imagined.

If you find yourself judging another person, try turning the judgments back around and ask the same things of yourself. If someone seems lazy or thoughtless, where do laziness and thoughtlessness dwell inside YOU? We are often most reactive to or upset about things in others that are actually inside ourselves.

Opening our minds to free them of judgment means opening our hearts with compassion. That’s what immigration is all about—becoming a guest in another’s world. Keeping an open mind helps us remember that each and every day, we are all the guests of this Universe.

Reversed Meaning

If this card appears upside-down, you may be unwilling to see your own faults. You may be projecting everything out on to others instead of having compassion for human limitations and the things you may not like about yourself. Pull another card to see how you can loosen up judgment, find compassion, understanding, and forgiveness for yourself—and others.

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