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Resurrection card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle

7 – Water
Guide Book – page 41 and 61
Artwork – “As Sure As The Wind”

Bring an old project or idea back up to the surface.

Okay, so you’re conflicted. Should you revisit this project or relationship—or not? The guidance is to test it out. Take it out of pause mode and see where it wants to go and how it fits into your life now. You may have to give it three chances before you know for sure. If you’re not able to put your heart into it, you can retire it permanently.

Reversed Meaning

If this card is upside-down, you want to get back to your important project, but now is not the right time. Other lessons await you. Don’t worry! You’ll get another chance later. Look at the other cards in your spread to see what’s more important currently, and if desire for the old project still burns in your heart, pull another card for guidance.

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