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Spiritual Transformation Story

by Christina Spencer

When doing this assignment I wasn’t sure where to start. There have been so many transformational experiences in my life. So being my sometimes overly practical self I decided to let the cards choose for me. I split my deck into the elements, then shuffled and asked each deck individually what message I needed to share. Once I had all four element cards I shuffled them and asked what order they needed to be in. When I was done with that I looked at them and said, “What?” I reshuffled and asked again — only to get the same order. So, I chuckled to myself and said, “Well, I guess this is how it’s supposed to be.” I sat with the answer for a while, even slept on it. When I woke up and looked at them again it all fell into place. This is my current spiritual transformation journey.

Liberation Card from the Transformation Oracle


The first card that represents my current journey is the Liberation card (Fire #3). I found it very interesting that this was my card because my friend Ann Margaret had just pulled it for me in a reading earlier that day. I think this is a beautiful card both in art and meaning. This card is a strong representation of what I’ve been going through over the past year. I’ve been going through a liberation on so many levels physical, emotional, spiritual and mental. I’m learning to break bonds of expectations and limitations that were put on me by others, but more importantly the ones that I put upon myself. I feel lighter as my chains break away from the ball holding me down. My load is lighter, the chains are loose and easy to remove as I set myself free with every move towards the light. Every move is a move forward in my new found freedom and exploration. I explore what is and what could be. Propelling myself forward, through will as well as surrender, putting myself through the fire, relinquishing any additional chains to become closer to the divine. I will rise up from the hard, cold planet I was chained to, and refuse to settle for what was. Embracing the possibilities the light has in store for me.

Intuition Card from the Transformation Oracle


The second card on my journey is Intuition (Water #6). This card represents me finally embracing the light and no longer ignoring and suppressing it. I’m nurturing and embracing the gifts the light has bestowed upon me. Learning my feminine energy, and no longer feeling I have to stay solely in my masculine to survive. The water flowing through this card is the water of the divine cleansing and restoring me. Allowing my intuition to finally be seen and heard and understood. It’s always gently lapping around me waiting for me to listen. Water is patient and over time it always finds a way through the rock, it will find purchase. I begin to see myself in this woman who sits with water around her at ease within herself and in her gifts. I’m striving just to find that confidence within; to trust myself, feel the spirit all around me, accept messages from the divine. Trusting myself to move out of my head and out of my ego to hear the messages that are being bestowed upon me. Sitting in the cleansing water of the spirit, I observe, finally listening. Embracing this beautiful gift.

Wisdom card detail from the Transformation Oracle


The third card is Wisdom (Air #10). This beautiful card represents what is and will continue to be as I grow in my gifts. On this journey of life, I have had many hard lessons. Each one blesses me in some way. I have gained understanding of my strengths because of those struggles. Knowledge is not just in our brain; it’s in our bodies, souls, spirits, and hearts as well. I see myself wielding a sword of light as I leave behind what does not serve. I charge into my new life. A life of standing firm in my abilities, listening to my intuition, breaking through doubt and ignorance, and being victorious in truth. And I go through this journey sometimes alone, sometimes with help from those in the light. I will continue to accumulate knowledge. I move forward knowing that I’ll be able to serve so many and assist them on their way. By being unshakable in myself and the divine, I will be able to share the wisdom of self and spirit.

Transformation Oracle Contemplation Card by Sonya Shannon


The final card is Contemplation (Earth #4). I love, love, love this card. For me, this card goes hand-in-hand with wisdom on my transformation. The ability to sit grounded in my masculine energy while living in my feminine is so beautiful. It has not been easy for me to accept feminine energy as a good thing, in others but especially in myself. Thankfully through this journey of spiritual growth, I have learned how special and important feminine energy is. I strive to always sit with the spirits of my past, present, and future, to stay connected and in balance with all the elements, so that I am able to do the work I need to in this life. I will continue contemplating so that I may continue to grow in the light.

What an amazing and hard spiritual journey to the light I have set upon: liberating myself from all the pains of life keeping me inert; embracing and listening to my gift of intuition; finding the wisdom to serve in the light; willingness to sit with spirit and contemplate so that I may continue to grow into my next phase. Always and forever transforming closer toward the light of the divine.

Enjoy Your Journey, Christina Spencer