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Wisdom card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle

10 – Air
Guide Book – page 51 and 64
Artwork: “What I Know Now”

Take command of YOU!
Give yourself permission to know what you know.

If you got this card, you already know that you need to listen to yourself now. Continuing to put other people’s opinions and ideas in front of your own only leads to disappointment, regret, and frustration.

You are more wise about your life and what you need than anyone else. You’re all grown up! Trust yourself. Let yourself honor and respect YOU. Don’t be swayed when others urge you to do things their way. They honestly DON’T know what’s best for you—only YOU know what you really want and need.

Stand in your power. Practice saying, “No!” when you mean No. Or, say, “Can I get back to you about that?” Then give yourself a chance to be sure, and to set your boundary. If necessary, write out a script and practice what you need to say, so you’re ready when confronted. Raise your arm like the Queen with the flaming sword of truth. Affirm, “I have the right to speak for myself!”

Reversed Meaning

If this card appears upside-down, you’re still too concerned about what others think of you. Look for Water cards in your spread, as the key to holding your ground may be in self-love. If you fear losing a relationship because of speaking your truth, is that really the relationship you want? Pull another card to see how you can do better, how you can stop accepting the unacceptable, and set some boundaries for yourself.

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