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Contemplation card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle

4 – Earth
Guide Book – page 11 and 53
Artwork – “In Moments Hardly Seen Forgotten”

Protect your embryonic idea through silent meditation.

The CONTEMPLATION card often shows up when we are too busy to take time for our spiritual selves, or when the Universe wants to help us grow through inner development. We often forget the order in which things should be: FIRST God / The Universe / Higher Power, SECOND us, and THIRD all others in our life such as family, co-workers, romantic interests, and so on.

This is the card of meditation, stillness, and silence. Some things in life can only be achieved through inner reflection. When we get quiet and tune into ourselves through long, slow breathing, our thoughts settle and recede. We move into a state of clear being, in harmony with the Divine energy of love.

The value of inner contemplation is easily overwhelmed in our interactive culture of “selfies,” online opinions & reports, and unrelenting comparison with others. There’s a lot of pressure to be seen and heard, to look our best, get the most laughs, or “go viral.” Yet simply sitting with ourselves each day restores us spiritually. When we still our eye movements and deepen our breath, our mind is washed clean of chaos and we return to a state of awareness, restoration, and profound peace.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, remaining silent or introspective helps us incubate new energies and projects vital to our spiritual growth. There is no action per se in contemplation. It is a time of waiting, gestating, and simply being. Yet it is as necessary to productivity as the fallow field.

Reversed Meaning

If the CONTEMPLATION card appears upside-down, there is resistance to getting quiet or making time and space for your inner work. Look for Fire cards in your spread that may indicate what’s behind the resistance. Or, pull another card to see how you can make some time for your spiritual life and restore your position in the basic order (above).

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