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Serving At the Divine Gate

Transformation Oracle Certified Reader Blue Ribbon

by Robbie Klarer

My Daily Journey to God

Journey Card from the Transformation Oracle

When I think of transformation, my life and time, I am not able to find a specific period in the stream to say this was the definitive point that I was transformed or had a significant experience that change it all. For me, I feel that I have always been on a path of spirituality seeking the highest good or best relationship with the person I call or refer to as God. I grew up in a very strict religious home and was the child who was always pushing the boundaries and asking the ‘Why?’ question about so many rules and man made traditions of the religion practiced. I always wanted to be in relationship with God and throughout my adult experience I have tried to find the most authentic information about how to achieve this goal. So I feel like I am the Journey card’s image of a person traveling with my dog around the world, seeking that which is not found truly in the material world, but that which I carry with me daily.

Reflection Card from the Transformation Oracle

The Reflection of My ‘Unveiled Face’

Which brings me to the Reflection card. As I look as this card it makes me think of a passage from the Bible that says:

‘But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in the mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, by the Spirit of the Lord.’

As I view myself with open honesty as in a mirror connecting with the divine light I carry in my heart the inner most part of my being, I am being transformed by the truth in love. It is there in those moments that I am finding the real authentic self and connection to God that is creating the lasting relationship that I have been searching for my whole life.

Receptivity Card in Transformation Oracle

Receptivity to the Highest Frequencies

In those times of intimate exchange, I am able to retune my being, my spirit, soul and body to the sound of love, acceptance, compassion and gratitude. This tuning adjustment is to become the better person for the highest good of myself and others. As I go through life and experience interactions with others sometimes my hearing and receptivity needs to be reset. So the relationship with hearing is not just a thing I do once a week or first thing in the morning, it becomes part of my moment-to-moment experience, learning and desiring to be the loving kind person.

Surrender Card from Transformation Oracle

Surrender to Kindness

The journey and process of retuning my being to the higher frequency requires that when presented with the information to change or shift my perspective from an old thought pattern that I need to surrender the old stuck feelings, ideas and behaviors that are attached to it. That is not always easy. I have found that I may have built a large complex on top of a foundational concept that once broken, removed and elevated to a higher resonance for the betterment of all, that I feel somewhat unsettled like a fish out of water flipping around trying to find my balance. This is when I truly have to Surrender to the process and be kind to myself and understand that all that I thought, felt, and lived was not a bad thing or a wrong thing it was just what brought me to this place to be able to surrender to free me to be who I was created to be.

Detail from Simplicity Card in Transformation Oracle

Service at The Gate of Simplicity

So this brings me to the place where I am working to simplify my life. I am working to have a life that is more free from the cares of this material world and more about serving for the highest good of self, others and the world. I realize that one person does have an impact on a community and I am choosing to be a better role model to those I encounter and over whom I have influence. Although the Simplicity card’s image is about the Narrow Gate, I am not seeking this life to simply go through the gate. I see it as an opportunity to elevate my vibrational frequency by serving when it is for the highest good and therefore healing and wholeness comes to myself and others in the process or journey of this life.