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The Mystic Cowgirl

Amanda Grubb

by Amanda the Mystic Cowgirl

Resurrection Card from the Transformation Oracle

The Mystic Origins of My Life Path

Interestingly, my first card for the 3rd time taking the Oracle Class, I got the Water card #7 of Resurrection. When I pulled this card, I didn’t understand….

So let me go back in time. I have always felt “different” but I didn’t know what that meant as a kid. I remember my Aunt would come home for the holidays and share her latest Woo Woo journey. I always thought it was cool but I let others get into my head that she was a little crazy. After all, just because she muscle tested me by making me hold my arm out and it stayed up because you said my name and the next question, my arm goes down because you asked something “false” of me, what does that even mean? I didn’t fully take in her words at the time but she was planting seeds for my life path.

Resurrection Card from the Transformation Oracle

As Sure As the Wind

Back to present day. Whatever sparked in me at Christmas was amazing! I thought I knew the Transformation Oracle cards pretty well but I was stumped as to what this card meant for me on this first day of class. After researching the Resurrection card, I understand what it means for me. I AM bringing back my old ideas of being a holistic healer. I have decided that my business name is going to be Mystic Cowgirl – Intuitive Healer. I feel that Reiki and Sound Healing are going to be my first certifications. But I am more than this and one or 2 modalities of healing just aren’t enough for me. I want to do Essential Oils, Reflexology, Tuning Forks, Cupping, Oracle Reading, and whatever else tickles my fancy. I can already imagine my healing sanctuary and healing my clients. (I don’t like the word clients. It feel so impersonal, so I am going to work on that word). I also know that I want to feature products that people can buy like essential oils, pieces of art from Sonya Shannon, VibesUp, Project 369, gemstones and Bells from Mira Trading Fairly. Honestly, I feel like I can give so much more to people and be a light of hope out of the darkness! I want to put on workshops for Vision Boards. I want to send out weekly checkups. I want to help people manifest their wildest dreams! I am currently doing this with a few of my family members and a friend. So going back to the card….. I have been told numerous times in my life that I am to be a healer, and I didn’t know what that meant then but I do now. I am resurrecting practices that I started years ago, but didn’t complete. NOW is my time. I have the vision. I feel it, I smell it, I taste it, I hear it! By resurrecting the dream of becoming a healer, I am healing myself and I AM in love with me!!!!

Receptivity Card Transformation Oracle

Where My Heart Wants to Go

The Receptivity card has always resonated with me since the first time seeing the picture. I love that she is hearing what the Universe and God is communicating to her and she is transforming it for her own good. I have felt that this is me in the card but until recently, I let a lot of negative factors influence my thoughts. I have been going down the rabbit hole of everything that has happened surrounding the Vid and more. With the transformation that I AM going through, I have decided that I can listen to some of the non main-stream “news” but not make it my life. We have decided to stop listening and talking about The Great Reset and instead, listen and talk about The Great Awakening of all of us “chosen ones.” I prefer listening to sounds of healing, I love the Solfeggio Scale Frequencies, and I love listening to audio books. I am about to finish up The Power from Rhonda Byrne, I listen to Mike Dooley, I listen whatever I am supposed to hear from the Universe. Like the women striking the Tibetan Singing Bowls, I strike my Tibetan Bell to get back to myself when I am letting others overwhelm me. With all of the listening, I AM able to share with others and help them become their best selves.

The circle symbol in the Transformation Oracle

Burning Down the House

I AM sure this Renovation card is my favorite and always will be within fire since the very first time I laid my eyes on it at the Holistic Fair that we met Sonya at. It represents everything in my life to a T! I am burning the old and making way for the new! Fire is a natural regeneration of the earth and it is my passion. I am also passionate for dancing. It lights my fire every time my love and I dance together or even dancing alone at home around the house. I had to “burn” my past life….Marriage, lack of health, and other things that didn’t serve me from my past. I had to burn those things so I could build my life with the man of my dreams! With someone who is supportive, caring, loving, doting. He is everything that I’ve always yearned for. I have been manifesting him for years and we finally found each other. Both of us were badly burned in our pasts but we have been able to over come those burns! Our cones have opened from the heat of the fire and we are planted the seeds that have fallen. We are growing everything that we have always yearned for.

Journey Card from the Transformation Oracle Forgiveness card in Sonya Shannon's Transformation Oracle

Walkabout and Forgiveness – Wilderness Bath

Lastly, I choose two cards with Earth

The Forgiveness card always comes up for me but this time it is different. I believe that I was finally able to forgive myself for being me. It has taken an extremely long time to forgive. I forgive myself for whatever caused my illness in the past. I forgive and let go of generational blocks that no longer serve myself and my family. I believe that I am able to forgive more easily now. I don’t let other people’s issues bother me nearly as bad. I wish them the best with their decisions or whatever and let it go.

I AM so excited for the transformational Journey that I am on right now! I AM so excited for the future!!! I was scared of the journey before but that was my Ego talking and not my Soul. I AM on a journey for our country’s freedoms with like minded women! I am on a spiritual journey with family and friends! I AM journeying into the healing arts realm. I never thought I belonged because I don’t “look” like a healer. I AM now comfortable with who I AM, The Mystic Cowgirl.

Through this journey I have finally found my true wish and that is to be full of Joy! I don’t need all of the material things to bring everything I need into my life. With Joy and Love comes everything else that we will ever need. With Joy and Love, forgiveness comes easier. With Joy and Love, a calmness sets over. I AM Joy and I AM Love and I AM a Healer❤